Summer ’22 Roster

Summer ’22 Roster

Grab a free blog from any platform you like. If you already have a blog you can use that one, or make a new one, whatever you prefer.

You only need the free version of any of these. If you try to upload a video they might ask you to pay. Whatever platform you use, don’t upload videos there. Instead, upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo and then “embed” them on your blog page (paste the video URL on a new line).

Here are a few suggestions:


Less Recommended

You can still use these if you really want to. But if you don’t have a big preference, the ones above are better choices.

  • Medium – a nice platform, especially for writers. For some reason, they seem to block a lot of Art 110 content.
  • Tumblr – cool, but harder to use for this class. Doesn’t allow comments and requires login to view.
  • – excellent choice if you’re a bit more technical. If not, above is easier
  • Squarespace – strong portfolio platform, but unlike all the others listed, they don’t have a Free option

The Roster

Leave your Name and the URL of your blog as a comment on this page and I’ll add you to this roster. Then, to “turn in” each week’s activities you just make 2 new posts to your blog. Done!

We live in a spam-filled world. The filters might send your comment to spam even though you are a nice person! I’ll rescue any comments that wind up there.

  1. Abdullah Abuzaid – senior, Hospitality
  2. Amara Aguilar – senior, Creative
  3. Benjamin Zeilingold – senior, Film & Electronic
  4. Brendan Pulido – senior,
  5. Carlos Rodriguez – senior, Finance
  6. Elian Salazar – sophomore, Undeclared – ?
  7. Elnaz Mahboub – senior, Anthropology
  8. Emily Nguyen – senior, Microbiology
  9. Ethan Dang – freshman, Molecular
  10. Hailey Marabut, Senior, Community Health
  11. Itzel Ortega – senior, Speech-Language
  12. Jacqueline M. Welker, Senior, Social
  13. Jake Circle – sophomore, Biology
  14. Jinyoung Yi – junior, Interior
  15. Jo Nguyen – senior, Microbiology
  16. Kate Cummins – senior, Theatre
  17. Khoa Le – freshman, Computer
  18. Kolbe Murray – senior, Psychology
  19. Laura Trieu – senior, Finance
  20. Manuel Galeano – senior, Community Health
  21. Martin Llanos – senior, Political
  22. Matthew Olmos – senior, Electrical
  23. Micah Dea – senior, Microbiology
  24. Nicole Klose – senior, Creative
  25. Paris Marabut – freshman, Biology
  26. Patty Venegas – senior, Criminal
  27. Phong La – sophomore, Computer
  28. Thong (Tong) Vo, Senior, Electrical
  29. Tony Le – freshman, Computer


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