Summer ’21 Roster

Summer ’21 Roster

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Leave your Name and the URL of your blog as a comment on this page and I’ll add you to this roster. Then, to “turn in” each week’s activities you just make 2 new posts to your blog. Done!

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  1. Alex Burnett – Senior, Finance
  2. Allie May – Senior, Drawing & Painting
  3. Amie Lim – Freshman, Bus Management Info Systems
  4. Amy Nguyen – Freshman, Undeclared / Engineering Interest
  5. Andrea Blay – Junior, FCS Consumer Affairs
  6. Anthony Flores – Sophomore, Hospitality Management
  7. Ashlynn Blackketter – Sophomore, Bus Human Resources Mgmt
  8. Charlaine EguilosĀ – Sophomore, Nursing
  9. Dustin James Luvisa – Junior, Bus Management Info Systems
  10. Elisha Vo – Junior, English Education
  11. Gus Perez – Junior, Mgmt Info Systems
  12. Imani Carmouche – Senior, American Studies
  13. Ivan Bui – Sophomore, Film & Electronic Arts
  14. Jennifer Orozco – Junior, HSC Community Health Ed
  15. Juan Celis – Junior, Construction Management
  16. Juliana Sangervasi – Senior, Communication Studies
  17. Justin Michael Nguyen – Senior, Computer Science
  18. Kent Nong – Freshman, Economics
  19. Leon Chen – Senior, Computer Science
  20. Martin Do – Senior, Electrical Engineering
  21. Michael Ching – Junior, Computer Science
  22. Ruby Nguyen – Sophomore, Computer Science
  23. Samantha Corpuz – Senior, Biology
  24. Simer Kular – Junior, Biology
  25. Taemo Jang – Senior, Marketing
  26. Trever Irish – Senior, FCS Consumer Affairs
  • Tumblr – 20/25 – 80%
  • Blogger – 3/25 – 12%
  • Medium – 2/25 – 8%
  • WordPress – 0
  • Wix – 0


      1. Amie

        Hiii, sorry for the very late reply. I’m taking two classes for this summer, and unfortunately, this is not the end of my first year. And no, I have not set foot on the campus yet šŸ™

        1. OIC, Amie, so this is the start of your freshman year? That’s not bad! šŸ˜€ Seems like — LBSU-wise at least — you’ll mostly miss the pandemic isolation. I haven’t heard anything about spring yet, but I’m getting the feeling that for summer, everything is online, for fall, some classes will be returning to campus… and it kinda feels like maybe most things will be back by spring. So you’ll have plenty of time on campus.

          Did you just graduate high school, Amie? Where did you go?

        1. Ashlynn Blackketter

          I am starting to really like my major more than I thought I was. I dont hate the idea of having school online, it has its perks but overall I really want to be in person. I dont have any in person classes.

      1. Tyler Sakatani

        I’ll be done after this upcoming fall semester. Right now I’m completing electives and meeting unit requirements for my degree. I might pick up Journalism as a minor just for fun cause why not. After I graduate I’m not too sure what’s next. I should probably figure that out soon!

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    1. Thanks, Ruby, you’re on the roster! This is the end of your Sophomore year at The Beach? So you had 1 semester of actually being on campus before everything went online? How’s it been for you? Are you taking CS classes or more GE? I’m guessing that CS isn’t too bad for online… better than Dance or Theater, perhaps… but IDK…

    1. Great, Taemo, TY! Is summer it for you? Or do you have classes to still take in the Fall? Has it been weird or disappointing to finish your time at The Beach with online classes? Or are you one of the few Zoom fans? What are your plans for after graduation, Taemo?

      1. Taemo Jang

        Oh yes! I need to still take some classes until next Spring.
        I really love Zoom šŸ™‚ more comfortable
        After graduation, I might go back to my home country South Korea!

      1. Justin Nguyen

        The CS major is good! I will say some of the course work is pretty rigorous, but I am really enjoying learning how to become a software developer. It is summer for me, and I have more classes to take after the fall. I am currently working as a software engineering intern for the navy, and creating database programs for the Tomahawk missile, and I plan to accept a full time job offer when I graduate.

      1. Allie May

        I am due to graduate in Spring 2022. I have not quite yet have been able to fully take advantage of the BFA program because I have only had classes online since I have transferred. However, I am very very excited to finally use one of the CSULB studios. I am not sure what is next after graduation. I want to look for a paid internship at a gallery or museum, do commission work, and hopefully begin working on a MFA if I can afford it!

    1. Thanks, Michael! You’re on the roster! Woo!
      How’s your CS major going? You were on campus for a year and a half or so before the pandemic? How has F2F compared with “Zoom University”? It seems like doing CS online might not be too bad. Looking forward to seeing your awesome website!! — speaking of which — Tumblr is fine and is an easy way to get the job done… but as a CS major you might want to think about building your own site. You could code something yourself, of course, but you could also use tools like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress.ORG, or Jekyll/GitHub.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer!
      How’s the Community Health Ed major going? What sorts of careers can you use your degree for?
      So you had about a year and a half of F2F and now a year and a half of Zoom University? How’s it all going for you? Are some/any/all of your Fall classes going to be F2F?

    1. Great, Andrea! šŸ™‚

      How’s the consumer affairs major going for you? How has Zoom University been for you? Good? Frustrating? Disappointing? Seems like if not Fall, then by next Spring many or most things might be back on campus, so at least you’ll get to finish on campus.

      Happy Summer, Andrea!

    1. Great, Kent, TY!

      You’re a freshman? Is this the end of your 1st year? Or are you incoming? Either way, I guess you haven’t set foot on the LBSU campus yet… Have you registered for Fall? Any on-campus classes? How are you liking Zoom University?

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