Summer ’20 Roster

Summer ’20 Roster

Leave your Name and the URL of your Medium blog as a comment at the bottom of this page! 😀

  1. Abdulla Al Naemi – Senior, Electrical Engineering
  2. Alison Wu – Senior, International Studies, East Asia
  3. Angel Jimenez – Senior, Criminal Justice
  4. Angel Plascencia – Freshman, Health Science / Dental or Veterinary
  5. Anh Le – Senior, Molecular Cell Biology
  6. Anthony Basteiro – Senior, International Business
  7. Brandon Dennison – Sophomore, Computer Engineering
  8. Charmain Lee – Senior, Graphic Design
  9. Christian Santos – Junior, Computer Science
  10. Daisy Pacheco – Senior, Psychology
  11. Dennis Nguyen – Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering
  12. Genesis Quezada – Junior, Human Development
  13. Holly Phou – Senior, Fashion Merchandising
  14. Jack De Graves – Sophomore, Business Administration, Finance
  15. Jake Watkins – Senior, English Literature
  16. Jocelyn Acevedo – Freshman, Health Community Science / Dental
  17. Jun Kim – Senior, Computer Science
  18. Karis Witke – Senior, Environmental Science & Policy
  19. Keenan Smith – Senior, Communications Studies
  20. Kristine Leung – Sophomore, Astronautical Engineering
  21. Kyle Lucena – Senior, Consumer Affairs
  22. Madison Bouldin – ?
  23. Maria Rempel – Senior, Communications Studies
  24. Maryhan Farag – Freshman, Health Care Admin / PreMed
  25. Taylor White – Sophomore, Dance
  26. Zhenming Qiao – Freshman, Industrial Design
Welcome to Zoom University ’20


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    1. Great, Kyle!
      You’re on the roster, woohoo!
      Congrats on the breakfast thing. Who doesn’t like mushrooms? Mushroom & cheese omelet? Mmm! (with optional vegan bacon… and optional vegan cheese… and optional vegan eggs… or not… 😀

    1. Hello, Zhenming!
      You’re on the roster – yay!
      Your bilibili is very cool!
      I know you said that you don’t really feel comfortable talking in front of the camera, but do you think you might be able to make even a short “hello” video for us? We are 28 strangers… or if you count me, then 29 strangers… in an online class and it would really help “put a face” on everyone so we can have a little bit of human interaction.

    1. Thanks, Taylor!
      You’re on the roster! 😀

      How did it go for you last semester? Dance seems like an especially hard area to move online! Ballet lifts! Contact Improvisation! How do you do that on Zoom!? What did your dance classes do to finish Spring?

      Are you getting to practice dance this summer?

      What is planned for Dance for Fall?

      Have you made any Dance for Camera (DfC) videos? Maybe you can do a DfC project this summer???

    1. Great, Dennis!
      You’re on the roster!!

      I know talking to a camera can be uncomfortable for many of us. Thanks for being such a good sport and giving it a good try. You’d be surprised how many strong YouTubers started off really shy and quiet. You don’t have to keep doing videos, but for some reason they did, and got amazingly better. Anyway, really nice effort, Dennis!

    1. Thanks, Angel!

      (I think you already gave me your URL – you don’t actually have to list individual posts here – once your URL is on this page (up top) then I’ll just drop by your website each week and give you points for the new work)

      Have a good week ahead!

  2. Thanks, Abdulla! Now that the URL for your Medium Blog/Website is on the Roster (above) you don’t have to add links here in the comments for each week. You can just post on your Medium and I will go by once a week, look at your new work, and post your points to the gradebook on BeachBoard.

    LMK if you ever have questions about anything or need help with anything!

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