Spring ’19 Roster

Spring ’19 Roster

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Leave your Name and the URL of your WordPress.com website as a comment at the bottom of the page! πŸ˜€

  • Please do not set your website to private.
  • Please do set your Artist Conversations to Password Protected and use the password: soa
  1. Adam Navarro
  2. Alana Soltis
  3. Alanna Burton
  4. Alberte Lodahl
  5. Aleida Hernandez
  6. Alondra Jimenez
  7. Alyssa Damaso
  8. Ami Duong
  9. Angeles Gomez
  10. Arianna Serrato
  11. Ariel Huerta
  12. Brandon Melgar
  13. Braulio Lezama
  14. Breanna Spinner
  15. Bryshona Randell
  16. Carlos Martinez
  17. Carolyn Tran
  18. Catherine Do
  19. Catheryn Nilo
  20. Cesar Andrade
  21. Chloe Winter
  22. Clark Durias
  23. Cody Pokorny
  24. Connor Aguiar
  25. Cristian Santo Domingo
  26. Cuong Pham
  27. Daniel Ambriz
  28. Daniel Nguyen
  29. Daniel Corda
  30. Darrich Moni β€’ PopulationAdvertisements.com
  31. Darryl McCauley
  32. David Textle
  33. Desiree Jimenez
  34. Diana Carrizoza
  35. Dimpal Shah
  36. Edward Rho
  37. Emilia Montenegro
  38. Emily Salazar
  39. Euleth Ruiz
  40. Ezekiel Juarez
  41. Faye Ponferrada
  42. Frederick Okamoto
  43. Henry Tan
  44. Iain Collins
  45. Jacheline Salvatierra
  46. Jacky Yu
  47. Jacob O’Donnell
  48. Jamie Avalos
  49. Jasmine Griffin
  50. Jason Martinez
  51. Jason Ortiz
  52. Jesus Lopez
  53. Jimmy Ngov
  54. John Nguyen
  55. John Thach
  56. John Montero
  57. Jonathan De Leon
  58. Joshua Tejano
  59. Josselyn Ordonez
  60. Judith Duran
  61. Julia Drabczyk
  62. Julian Galarza
  63. Justine Briones
  64. Kai Schaeffer
  65. Karina Mayo Trujillo
  66. Karla Navato β€’ kkvisuals.carrd.co
  67. Katlyn Rael <– please set blog to Public (not private) and only make Artist Conversation posts Password Protected with password: soa – TY! πŸ˜€
  68. Kevin Navarro
  69. Kyle Beasley
  70. Kyle Jackson
  71. Leah Miech
  72. Lena Thongdara
  73. Lucy Ann Erickson
  74. Marissa Quiros
  75. Matt Kenney
  76. Michael Iskander
  77. Michelle Ybarra
  78. Montrell Hull
  79. Nadav Nankin
  80. Nellie Velasco
  81. Nelson Dinh
  82. Nicolas Mojica
  83. Noel Munoz
  84. Oliver Mayell
  85. Omar Ochoa
  86. Oscar Carrizoza
  87. Oswaldo Duenas
  88. Paul Perea
  89. Paul Yousefian
  90. Phil Mullen
  91. Piolo Valencia
  92. RachelAmeli Varela
  93. Rhiannon Alvarado
  94. Ricardo Marron
  95. Sam Fowler
  96. Samuel Raymond Adan
  97. Shayna Vu
  98. Sierra Fisher
  99. Sierra Leon
  100. Sky Mebane
  101. Sophia Bertero
  102. Suelen Castillon
  103. Tiana Barajas
  104. Valentin Maldonado
  105. Vanessa Aguirre
  106. Viviana Chavoya
  107. Wendy Gambino
  108. Yanira Arce
  109. Yena Cho
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  • 109 enrolled

If you need help changing your blog from Private to Public, look at this page:

Have an awesome (and useful) semester! πŸ™‚


  1. Thanks, Daniel, Oswaldo & Diana! You’re on the roster, yay! Have an awesome semester!

    Great, Darrich! Population Advertisements looks awesome!! What’s the status? Is it rolled out now? Are you setting it up? Do you have the boards? The site looks great! The photography sometimes feels a bit stock or moderate quality, hopefully you can gather some clean, even stronger images over time. You should present it to the class at some point! πŸ˜€ Good luck, Darrich!

    1. Thank you Professor Zucman, I appreciate the comments and we will try to get some better images by hand by using the photography methods you showed us!

      We are finishing setting our company infrastructure up, getting all our permits, licenses, and handling legal work. We launch mid fall of this year and aim to roll out 20 signs initially. I’d love to present to the class later on this semester when the time comes, if it’s okay with you!

        1. That’s great, Euleth! Vlogging is fun (if you’re into that! πŸ˜› and it’s a great way to build a career. Take a look at Natalie Tran / Community Channel. She stopped blogging a year or two ago, but look at a couple of her later videos… and then scroll all the way back and look at her first videos from 10 years earlier. She was always funny and charming, but in the early videos you can see that her performance lacks confidence, the scripting is OK, the camera and sound are acceptable… and then year by year Writing, Performance, Editing, Camera, Sound, all just get better and better. Her production values at the end are really quite amazing. In her case she built a video career that way, but the skills she developed along the way are powerful skills for any career.

          Meanwhile, all you really need to do is grab a camera or your phone, point it at yourself and start talking… pop it up on YouTube… and repeat! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Sierra!

      Your website is set to Private so I can’t see it. Can you please change it to Public so it can be viewed? And then you just set the Artist Conversation posts to Password Protected with the password:


      TY, Sierra!

    1. Thanks, Katlyn!

      Your website is set to Private so I can’t see it. Can you please change it to Public so it can be viewed? And then you just set the Artist Conversation posts to Password Protected with the password:


      TY, Katlyn!

  2. Everyone above this comment is on the roster — sort of — about 50% of the people who posted their URL in the last 12 hours did it wrong… please look at the roster and fix your site if I can’t see it.

    • Your site should NOT be a Private Site, it should be a Public Site
    • Your Artist Conversation posts should be set to Password Protected and the password should be: soa

    Please fix ASAP – Thank you!

    1. Great, Paul, thanks!

      One more thing… can you:

      • please change your site from Private Site to Public Site
      • and make only your Artist Conversation posts Password Protected
      • password should be: soa

      If you’d like help with that, you can:

      • Come by Robek’s / Coffee Bean between 1-2pm on Wednesday
      • Or before class Wed
      • Or after class Wed
  3. Viviana Chavoya

    Hello Professor Zucman, I accidentally posted my two new blog posts on my ePortfolio website and I am not sure how to switch them over to my assignment website. There are completed, I just need to see if I can switch them over to my other website, I am really sorry about that.

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