Chantae Reden in a wetsuit and with snorkel gear, underwater, in a lotus pose

Visiting Artist: Chantae Reden

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Chantae Reden

Our visiting artist talk on Wed 10 May ’17 will by by action sports & adventure journalist Chantae Reden. Chantae graduated just up the street from us, at USC, in 2012. Since then, or actually, even before graduation, she’s been travelling the globe, living an incredibly active life, and earning a living writing about it.

I think Chantae is living a life that might be a dream for some of you, but you might feel like you don’t have “permission” to live it. Or you don’t think you can pull it off. Whether or not you want to live a life like hers, I think she’s accomplished so much in the 5 years since she graduated, and I think she’ll be an inspiration for all of you.

You should definitely take a look at Chantae’s blog and read a few of her magazine articles before class and bring your questions.

Life Prototyping

Our activity this week, Applying Design Thinking to your life, asks you to interview someone whose life path you might be interested in following. For a few of you, that might be Chantae. There will be time in class after her talk for a few questions, but she’ll also be coming to campus early for lunch, LMK if you’d like to join us for lunch to talk with her more.

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headshot of Chantae Reden
Chantae Reden
Chantae Reden in a cap & gown, holding her diploma and waving joyously
Poly Sci degree from USC, 2012

Hello, I’m Chantae and I’m on a mission to try every action sport and adventure activity under the sun! Specifically, ones that involve harnessing the earth’s energy or my own human-power. More wind, waves, snow, and muscle – less fossil fuel. Think kitesurfing, surfing, snowboarding, bungy jumping, scuba diving, and more. I’m up for trying it all.

In 2010, I realized that I had just enough money as a broke college student to buy a ticket to Central America… so a few minutes later, I did. I trekked through a few countries with a backpack and surfboard, and thus began my passion for travel. Since then, I’ve graduated with a degree in political science from the University of Southern California, spent the weekends snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain, backpacked through various countries, and moved to Australia.

My life as an expat in Perth, Western Australia consists of traveling whenever and wherever possible and heading to the beach for a quick surf or board-sport related session as often as I can. I tend to get a bit stir crazy if kept inside for too long.

I work full-time as an adventure journalist writing for publications like SurfGirl Magazine, Standup Journal, 4WD Touring Australia, Travel + Leisure, Boating Magazine, Skyscanner Australia, and many more.

Chantae was Here / about

Chantae Reden standing on a platform and looking up
Bungy jumping at Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Chantae Reden in a wetsuit and with snorkel gear, underwater, in a lotus pose

Chantae Reden petting a small kangaroo


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