Alma Haser’s 10 Seconds

Alma Haser’s 10 Seconds

Art110 joined Alma Haser’s 10 Seconds project. The idea is to set 2 cameras, a still photo camera on a 10 second timer, and a video camera pointed the same way. They you start them and run and hide. Sort of hide. Perhaps more like, “get small.” Here are Haser’s top 4 picks from the Art110 student projects:
1. Stephanie Marin
2. Jonathan Martinez
3. Alejandro Lerma
4. Lucia Wahl

Stephanie Marin "hiding" in a field of pumpkins as part of Alma Haser's "10 Seconds" project
Stephanie Marin
Jonathan Martinez wearing black sweatpants and a red hoodie that make him almost invisible against his bed and wall. His winning submission for Alma Haser's 10 Seconds Project
Jonathan Martinez
Alejandro Lerma leaning upside down against a tree so that his pants blend in with the trunk and his shirt with the grass. A submission for Alma Haser's "10 Seconds" project
Alejandro Lerma
Lucia Wahl hiding in plain sight as she makes herself small in a living room area as part of Alma Haser's "10 Seconds" project
Lucia Wahl

Alma Haser:
When I was a little girl, I used to play with my younger brother, Oskar. I was always the boss, and directed what we had to do. We often played hide and seek, but had invented our own way of playing it. I would tell Oskar where to hide, and then count and look aimlessly around pretending not to know where he was. Or we would both hide and get our father, who used to look after us in the mornings, to be the finder. Our hiding places were never very hidden, and in most cases still revealed our small feet or bottoms, but never our faces.

‘Ten Seconds’ is a series of photographs that pay homage to our childhood game. I am now a lot older, and my brother is out in the world, all grown up. I have based ‘Ten Seconds’ on the game we used to play. This time I am directing myself, and the new rule is that I have ten seconds to try and hide, or make myself as small as I possibly can, before my camera goes off on self-timer.

I have also been recording the game with a camcorder, so that I am almost my own seeker, my adult body squeezed into confined spaces, never completely concealed, but also never revealing my true identity.

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