Introduction to the Visual Arts

My Art Gallery

Agora Gallery intern  Anna Merritt, pictured with artworks by Eileen Olimb.
Agora Gallery intern Anna Merritt, pictured with artworks by Eileen Olimb.

Art Gallery Activity

For the "B" part of the class we’ll form groups of 4 Curators (students) to build virtual art galleries (online galleries using Wix).

Your Gallery

Your gallery should have a Theme or Focus. For example:

Young Southern California Artists


Upper Paleolithic Art from Southern France and Northern Spain


Contemporary Art from Shanghai & Hong Kong


Cambodian Art in the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge

and so on.

Your Gallery should represent 4-7 artists

For most galleries you should plan to identify 4-7 artists that fit your galleries theme and plan a group exhibition of their works. Kind of like a Fantasy Baseball Team, you can pick RL artists that you’d like to have in your fantasy or VR art gallery.


Living Artists & Dead Artists

For dead artists like Vincent van Gogh or Pablo Picasso, you can find images online and use them in your gallery. Wikipedia has many useful images that are copyright free. You can also find other online images and give credit and links to the sources.

For living artists, please email the artist, explain your project, and ask for permission to show their work on your website. In the interest of time, you can start working with their images as soon as you have emailed them. Most artists will either say "yes" or they might not reply at all. In both cases we can use them for our school-related non-commercial galleries. If an artist should say "no", then of course you can’t use their work in your gallery. I don’t think we will get very many "no"s.

Gallery Focus

Some of the ways you might choose to focus your gallery are by

  • Media
  • Time Period
  • Geography
  • Content

Gallery Websites

You only need 1 website for your group’s gallery. Your whole team can work on it.

However, each person should post on their own Tumblr. Use Tumblr like your notebook or journal documenting images, web links, quotations, ideas, and anything else you find as you research artists and your topic.

Website Content

Your gallery should have 1 page for each artist you represent, plus 2 aditional pages (Home/Theme and About/Cotact).

  1. Home Page/Theme Essay — an essay on the theme of your gallery. 4-5 paragraphs. Start by explaining the vision of your gallery. Your mission. What art & ideas are featured in your gallery. Then include 1-2 sentences about how each of your artists fit within your gallery vision. Your theme essay should be illustrated with 1 image from each artist.
  2. Artist Essays – Each artist essay should be its own page. 4-5 paragraphs. 5 images of the artist’s work (If close-up detail views, or installation views are appropriate, please include them too). Introduce the artist and how they fit in your gallery. Describe their background (age, geography, culture, ieas, focus, and so on). Then describe their work formally. Then conceptually. Then go through their work and comment on how each work supports your gallery vision.
  3. About/Contact Page — Your About page should (A) describe the gallery and its mission. (B) list the curators. For each curator include a photo and 1-2 sentence bio. (C) for Cotact, you could list someone’s email or have a contact form.

Gallery Presentations

Each group will present their gallery to the class. We’ll have an in-class signup sheet to pick which day each group will present. One person from your group might choose to be the lead presenter, but everyone must present at least a part of your gallery.

List of Galleries & Curators

For each gallery, make a free Wix website. Leave a comment on the bottom of this page with the URL of your gallery, and the names of the curators (students) working on your gallery:

Art Gallery Presentations

Monday 7 October 2019

  1. Comic Stylings Gallery
  • Miranda Palarea
  • Ginelle Viray
  • Tala David-Casiano
  • Ryan Conover
  1. Portrait Gallery
  • Ingrid Eidshaug
  • Thompson Nguyen
  • Caroline Gao
  • Frences Der
  • Emily Chen
  1. Mythical Creatures Gallery
  • Kalany Preap
  • Preeti Sivakumar
  • Christin Sum
  • Mitchell Reyes

Monday 14 October 2019

  1. Long Beach Murals
  • Jonathan Macias
  • Makenzie Lilly
  • Shelsy Carmona
  1. Southern California Mural Gallery
  • Matthew Gonzalez
  • Maria Vasquez
  • Angel Escobar
  • Salvador Macias Silva
  1. Pop Art Through the Ages Gallery
  • Kevin Asis
  • Nguyet Nguyen
  • Kelly Walsh
  • Elen Poza
  1. Micro Art Gallery
  • Rita Xu
  • Alejandra Sepulveda
  • Orion Tang
  • Kim Xena

Monday 21 October 2019

  1. Mosaic Gallery
  • Kalea Bautista
  • Mariella Mendoza
  • Andrew Kim
  • Annie Tong
  1. Dragons In Time Gallery
  • Julia Kang
  • Francis Deguzman
  • Kayla Razon
  • Yareli
  1. The Horror Art Gallery
  • Natalie Moreno
  • Erin Neglia
  • Selina Morones
  • Hasam Khattab
  1. 60’s Psychedellic Art Gallery
  • Brooke Portillo
  • Emily Cuesta
  • Ashley Garcia
  • Eli Gracia

Monday 28 October 2019

  1. World War II Propaganda Gallery
  • Janell Lucero
  • Joseph Burgos
  • Kyle Newman
  • Rodwin De Guzman
  1. Galleria de la Mortem
  • Fatima Dondiego
  • Christian Ybarra
  • Sandra Hernandez
  • Mariel Ng
  1. Lego Art Gallery
  • Mavirick Carmona
  • Kevin Kim
  • Kayla Poblete
  • Michael Panameno
  1. Artchitecture Gallery
  • Zaineb Halibi
  • Taityana Lopez
  • Jaime Cortez
  • David Lee

Monday 4 November 2019

  1. Women’s Empowerment Gallery
  • Marina Guirguis
  • Berenice Villicana
  • Karen Gaspar
  • Jared Rogers
  1. Animation Art Gallery
  • Maui Vargas
  • Mimi Millan
  • Brandon Pham
  • Kenny Nguyen
  1. Sports Moments Gallery
  • Alex Papac
  • Angela Kight
  • Peter Chmura
  • John Dwyer
  1. California Impressionism Gallery
  • Louis Santos
  • Peter Tang
  • Ramiro Arredondo
  • David Schneider

Monday 18 November 2019

  1. Golden & Silver Age Comics Gallery
  • Ruben Chacon
  • Lucas Chiara
  • Lewis Phun
  • Kathy Tran
  1. SoCal Lifestyle Art Gallery
  • Maya Escobar-Robbins
  • Rose Clara
  • Sarai Zelaya
  • Shelby Frutoz
  1. Art of Everyday Living Gallery
  • Danielle Beltran
  • Norma Guadamuz
  • Sabrina Yang
  • Kellen Munson
  • Aaron Chung
  1. Evolution of the Ocean Art Gallery
  • Isabel Inda
  • Zena Huynh
  • Danitza Del Aguila
  • William Chhun

Monday 2 December 2019

  1. Horror Gallery
  • Frank Albano
  • Natalia Castellanos
  • Melissa Gutierrez
  • Jasmine Lopez
  1. 20th Century Sports Gallery
  • Raymond An
  • Sam Blawski
  • Julian Postma
  • Jimmy Tran
  1. Surrealism Gallery
  • Elena Larsen
  • Natalie Zarate
  • David Zhao
  • Brandon Barry
  • Ben Kayhart

Monday 9 December 2019

  1. Astronomical Art Gallery
  • Albert Tran
  • Adrian Sandoval
  • Matthew Zeng
  1. Comic Art Gallery
  • Jesica Kan
  • Andre Pham
  • Scott Sakurai
  • Brandon Velazquez
  1. Tattoos in the 21st Century
  • Javier Garcia
  • Destiny Gomez
  • Somally Rath
  • Daniel Huynh
  1. Southern California Landscape Gallery
  • Hayden Giebeler
  • Ferrari Chamlern
  • Yousef Aziz
  • Alejandro Gonzalez
  1. Magical Realism Gallery
  • Miracle Iwuchukwu-Godslaw
  • Jack Cobb
  • Jimmy Phan
  • Timothy Reyes


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    Please check:

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    3. Check the Spelling of everyone’s name – is it the correct list of curators for your gallery?

    For any changes or updates, leave a comment below!

  2. Thanks, everyone!
    I’ve updated our Gallery List above! 😀

    Please make sure:

    1. Every student in the class is listed with one of these galleries!
    2. The name of your gallery and the curators names are all correct in the list above
    3. The link to your gallery is correct and it works!

    Thank you!!

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