Class meets at Piotr Kowalski’s NOW AGAIN today!

Finding Art near Piotr Kowalski’s NOW

Hi, everyone!

Just a reminder that this afternoon — Wednesday February 5th at 3:30 — we’ll be meeting at Piotr Kowalski’s NOW for our Finding Art Activity.

When you arrive you can form groups of 4-6 people and hopefully each group will have a bit or masking tape to mark their rectangle or other shaped frame with.

Class Discussion

Thanks, everyone, for another good class discussion this week!

  • For those who had a lot to say — thank you for keeping the class lively and helping work through the ideas!
  • For those who haven’t spoken yet — please do share your thoughts next week! As you’ve seen, there are many diverse ideas in our classroom community! You can’t be wrong. So why be silent? Be a part of the conversation! Even if it’s a bit intimidating at first, it’s a lot more fun way to get through 75 minutes than by just sitting there and staring at your desk! 😛 Honest!

Points on BeachBoard

Points for i1 & i2 are now up on BeachBoard. Most of you did well!

A few people had issues like their URL changed, or maybe they "published" their blog post, but they hadn’t "published" the site itself yet, etc.

About half of the peeps with issues have already contacted me and we’re resolved it. Yay! 😀

If you think you posted your work but got a "0" on BeachBoard, you can:

  • Check that your correct URL is on our Roster Page
  • Check that you "published" both your post and also the site itself
  • Look at your site on somebody else’s laptop and see if you can see your posts (you can see your content when you’re logged in even if it isn’t visible to anyone else)
  • email me and we’ll get things updated –
Kevin Ho and Wendy Ha performing Maintenance Art at Piotr Kowalski’s NOW


We’ve got 285,000 points up on BeachBoard so far, and here are the class Top 10 for Week 3. Great work everyone!!!

  1. Wendy Ha, 360,000
  2. Kevin Ho, 360,000
  3. Richard Casillas, 359,111
  4. Arvin Sales, 336,234
  5. Melvin Kem, 335,111
  6. Taizin Barnhardt, 335,000
  7. Kyra Tan, 335,000
  8. Daniel Mendez, 295,000
  9. Hailey Wick, 290,555
  10. Daniel Duong, 288,555
Wendy Ha performing Maintenance Art at Hugh Jackman’s Star on Hollywood Blvd.


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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