B8 Vlogging, lauren woods American Monument @UAM + Updates

B8 Vlogging, lauren woods American Monument @UAM + Updates

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This Week – B8 (Wk 11)

  • Monday – Psy-150 – Bring Scantron 882-E & #2 Pencil (other colors of pencils/markers optional)

  • Wednesday – We’ll meet in Psy-150 for about 20 minutes, and then head down to the University Art Museum (UAM) to look at lauren woods’ installation American Monument. (the circumstances with woods’ exhibition are complex, so we’ll talk in Psy-150 for a bit before we go) No SOA Artist Essay this week, instead we’ll be writing about American Monument at the UAM.

B8 Activity – Vlogging

You can do a “real” vlog if you want to. There are lots of people building careers and in some cases making a little or even a lot of money with vlogs.

For most of you, however, I recommend a very short “Welcome to my Website” vlog that you can use on your ePortfolio. Details on the Activity Page:

students "wrapped" as mummies (with toilet paper) running down the grass in the center of the Long Beach State University campus
Mummy Rap Race

Next Week – B9 (12)

This is the week where Veterans’ Day is on Monday and the Campus is Closed, but the Monday classes are not canceled! Instead, on Tuesday, all Tuesday classes will be canceled and all Monday classes will be held on Tuesday!

Why? Nobody told me, but I presume this is because we have multiple Monday holidays this semester, and if we just canceled all the Monday meetings we’d have an excess of instructional hours for Tuesday classes, and a deficiency of instructional hours for Monday classes.

To simplify your life, I won’t require attendance on either Monday or Tuesday this week.

  • Monday / Tuesday – work on this week’s Finger Painting Activity on your own.

  • Wednesday – SOA Galleries

Note that while you don’t have to come to class on Tuesday, I’ll still hold my normal 1:30 – 2:30 pm Office Hours on Tuesday. I’ll be at the umbrella tables outside Robeks/Coffee Bean at the USU. Come by if you want to chat about Art, Art 110, Long Beach State, or Life Itself.

one student "Mummy Wraps" another student for a Mummy Wrap Race as part of today's Halloween Party
Mummy Rapping 101 – class open for Spring!

Fall Break

OMG, and then it’s Fall break!

  • Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  • Remind me to tell you about the optional “Time Travel” EC

  • Don’t forget to come back! 😛

Audrey Resella & Erica Lander in the Long Beach State University, School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard
Audrey & Erica

Points Update

All points through B6 are now up on BeachBoard (currently grading B7). So far we’ve had 402 points possible. Here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level, and how many peeps are currently on track for that grade:

  • 362 points = 90% = on track for final grade of “A” – 80 peeps
  • 322 points = 80% = on track for final grade of “B” – 19 peeps
  • 282 points = 70% = on track for final grade of “C” – 5 peeps
  • 242 points = 60% = on track for final grade of “D” – 7 peeps
  • 241 points & below = on track for final grade of “F” – 13 peeps

Class GPA this week = 3.18


  1. Audrey Resella, 484
  2. Sienna Sanchez, 452
  3. Hailey Hairrell, 452
  4. Brian Freeman, 450
  5. Hope Kindred, 442
  6. Brayden Rios, 439
  7. Kyle Gower, 438
  8. Erica Lander, 438
  9. Allison Sanchez, 438
  10. Totyana Tottress, 432
Eleanor Meyer & Hope Kindred in the School of Art Gallery Courtyard at Long Beach State University. Hope Kindred wears a small pumpkin on her head, and a t-shirt with a "pi" symbol on it... "pumpkin pie"
Eleanor & “Pumpkin Pie”
Halloween costume  contest. Kaelie Osorio wearing a Pepperoni Pizza costume and eating a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos
Pepperoni Pizza eating Flaming Hot Cheetos

Need Help?

Reach out to me, or another faculty member, or an academic advisor, or a psychological counselor, or student health, or the food bank, or any of the many other resources on campus if you ever need help with anything.

Whether you’re a new freshman, a graduating senior, or anywhere in between, there can be all sorts of stress in college life. There’s no shame or embarrassment in needing help. But on a campus of 36,000 students, you can’t wait hoping someone will notice and reach a hand out. You have to ask for help.

Almost everyone on this campus is eager to help you. Some of us can help you directly, and some of us can point you to better resources. Don’t be afraid to ask.

a student in a cat costume and "mummy wrapped" with toilet paper runs across the grass and the finish line in the central mall at Long Beach State University
Cat-Mummy crosses the finish line (and you can too!)

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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