black-and-white photo of various images and bits of ephemera from Antonella to a childhood friend

Wk 5: Automatic Drawing

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Post Naming

Be sure to use the format in the syllabus:

Points on BeachBored

All points through Week 4 are now up on BeachBored. Be sure to check your points and know where you stand! So far we’ve had 209 points possible. Here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level, and how many peeps in 1p / 2:30 are currently at each grade level:

A = 188 points – 61 / 47
B = 167 points – 4 / 5
C = 146 points – 4 / 7
D = 125 points – 1 / 2
F = 124 points – 3 / 3

1p GPA = 3.63
2:30 GPA = 3.41


Here’s our current leaderboard for Week 5!

Top 5 @1pm:

  1. Bailey McCann, 244
  2. Maryam Takla, 235
  3. Sara Rivenbark, 234
  4. Alicia Castro, 234
  5. Eliza Karpel, 221

Top 5 @2:30:

  1. Jennifer Ostroff, 222
  2. Maria Romo, 219
  3. Betty Escorcia, 216
  4. Jared Malabed, 215
  5. Gabriella Tecun, 215
  6. Gabriella Salazar, 215

This Week

Activity: Automatic Drawing

EC – LA Art Book Fair

The LA Art Book Fair is this Friday-Saturday-Sunday at the Geffen Contemporary in Little Tokyo. This is an exciting area to wander around, eat, and shop. The Geffen Contemporary is right across the street from the Metro Gold Line’s Little Tokyo / Arts District stop.

Admission to the LA Art Book Fair is Free!

If you go you can take pix and do an extra blog post for up to +25 points of EC! 🙂

@SOA Galleries

Katia Swihart, Drawing & Painting
Katia Swihart’s sculptural collages focus on themes of childhood, anger, trauma, and loss.

Yeri Hwang, Studio Art
Yeri Hwang’s explores of self-mythology and perspective through interactive paintings, sculpture, illustration, and animated works.

Emily Barnett, Printmaking
Emily Anne Barnett uses a combination of self-portraiture and abstraction to explore ideas of surrounding mental illnesses.

Joshua Thomen, Studio Art
Joshua Thomen’s exhibits a sculpture exploring the Japanese concept of kawaii (adorable). This sculpture embodies being Japanese-American, queer, effeminate, and loving cuteness.

Molly Ramage, Printmaking
Molly Ramage’s printed paper installation explores an emotional landscape and the narratives of the subconscious mind

Art Talk

Classical Greece

Classical Rome

A Few of Your Art Care Packages

photo of an ephemera-filled "Art Care Package"
Alexandria Sandoval, 1p

I finally decided on my little sister, Adrianna. Adri is 17 and a senior in high school right now and unfortunately i haven’t been able to go home since before Winter break because of work and school, so i haven’t been able to see her in awhile. We still talk a lot but haven’t been able to do have our regular adventures since i moved out of my parents house last year.

…Along with the pictures of us i included pictures of our oldest sister and my niece and nephew and a picture of our grandparents. I included the pictures of my oldest sister and niece and nephew because they moved to Texas about 2 years ago so we don’t get to see them and miss them all the time. The picture of my grandparents is really special because Adri and i were very close with my grandparents who both passed away awhile ago. They may not be with us but i know the memory of them will really touch her.

About a year ago i took a trip to Europe for a month and told may sister i was going to mail her a postcard every week, but i couldn’t figure out the mailing rates so just brought them back with me. I haven’t had a chance to give them to her and honestly forgot i had them until i was looking through the pictures i had and stumbled across them. I know she’ll be excited when she finally gets the postcards from all over Europe.

I added few other things like a little post-it pad with inspirational quotes, because i know she is stressing about choosing a college to attend in the Fall. Along with a fake sunflower (her favorite) and a set of watercolor paints, we used to paint together all the time when we were bored during the summer. I also included a drawing of a lotus flower i drew in high school, it was hanging on my wall when i lived at home and Adri always wanted it so i guess now is the time i pass it on.

Actually sending this box was kind of difficult, not in a sense of going to the post office and mailing it, but actually letting go of so many memories and realizing how much i actually missed my sister. I didn’t tell her i was sending it so i know how she is going to be quite surprised. I really enjoyed putting this box together. It was really nostalgic going through old pictures and writing a note to my sister rater than sending her a snapchat or a text. It felt much more sentimental and i felt proud that i had put something together for her. This box was definitely prepared with love.

Alexandria Sandoval

black-and-white photo of various images and bits of ephemera from Antonella to a childhood friend
Antonella Redekosky, 1p

I decided to send my care package to my friend that I have known since the 7th grade. We went to school together since that grade, up until senior year of high school. Her name is Kathryn Menezes; she is twenty years old and is studying in San Diego right now. When we were both in our sophomore year of high school, we went to France together for a couple of weeks. I must say that those were some of the best weeks of my life because of all the memories we made and everything that we were able to explore in Paris and in the South of France. Because of this, I decided to give this care package a theme. Basically, I made it into a homage to our trip, as well as a way of telling her how much I miss her and how I wished she could be experiencing college years with me. I am excited to hear her reaction when she receives it.

Putting the art care package together made me very nostalgic. It took me back to certain places we explored on the trip. Also, it reminded me of high school and how much fun I had every day with my friend group at lunch time or on our weekend adventurous we would have with all of us.

Although, I might be including random stuff in this art care package, to me it has sentimental value. Someone who is not me, or who lives in France, might think that the things I kept are trash, but to me they are precious. I think ephemera goes hand in hand with art. One person can view it as a waste of time, while to other’s it may bring tears to their eyes.

Antonella Redekosky

photo of a laptop, hand-written letter, and bits of ephemera
Karen Luau, 1p

I sent this package to my good friend Shirley. It’s a funny story actually, we met one summer at the Boys and Girls Club. At the end of that summer we told each other, “see you next summer,” but when next summer came around she didn’t come back. Two years later, my first day of middle school I see this girl and she is introducing herself to another girl and as soon as she says “my name is Shirley” I suddenly run to her remembering who she is. She is so startled that I appeared out of nowhere, but nonetheless, we become friends, again. Seven years later and we are practically sisters.

Karen Luau

a large envelope filled with many bits of ephemera
Priscilla Mota-Gaona, 1p

For my Art Care Package (ACP) I decided to put something together for my nineteen-year-old sister, Briana, who lives in Long Beach. Creating this art care package for my sister was really fun! I enjoyed thinking about things that she would enjoy and things that I wanted her to remember. To put this package together, it did take a while because I ran around the house looking for things to include in her package. I wanted everything in the package to carry meaning or a story. In our family we enjoy going to the movies, so I decided to include some old movie tickets. I also included some makeup like: lip gloss, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and a brush because we both feel that makeup is art. I also, added my two world collages that I made when I was receiving chemo in the hospital. My sister always told me that she loved them, so I thought it would be nice to pass them on to her. I put glasses in the package because she was with me when I won them at Dodger Stadium. Lastly, I included a bracelet and necklace because they hold sentimental value to me and she knows why. I really enjoyed taking the time out of my day to create the perfect package for my sister.

Priscilla Mota-Gaona

various pieces of ephemera spread out on a table
Christian Infantes, 2:30

I chose to make my Art Care Package for an old high school friend of mine. His name is Alex and I don’t get to see him nearly as often as I used to. The ultimate purpose of the care package was to bring back old memories. In addition, I included a letter, as well as other gifts. I’m an awful drawer and instead chose to create a mix CD with an original song I made using FL Studio and a MIDI keyboard.

Christian Infantes

a pine box filled with letters and other ephemera
Diana Soriano Martinez, 2:30

I decided to make an art care package for my best friend, Alexandra Soriano. Alex and I have shared so many memories throughout high school so I thought it was appropriate to send her something to remind her of the good times. In my package there are pictures, letters, seashells, and many other things. The letters are meant to be open when she is happy or just misses home. The pictures are meant to remind her of the good times we had in our senior picnic, prom, and graduation. The seashells in the package are very significant because we would always go to the beach and just talk about anything as we would collect seashells. The small bracelet is also very special because we would always have matching bracelets, so this one is a new bracelet that I wanted to give her. Finally, the ten dollar bill is meant for good luck and I think that it is nice to give her some luck during midterms.

Diana Soriano Martinez

a map with annotations about hikes taken, beaches visited, etc, and also other pieces of letters and other ephemera
Gabriella Salazar, 2:30

My package is for my mom who lives in Bakersfield, CA. She has a hate/love relationship with mail because she is a mail carrier for the USPS. I thought I’d send it to her anyway.

I hope my memories mean something to my grandchildren.

Gabriella Salazar

a package of ephemera for her grandfather
Gabriella Tecun, 2:30

I am sending this care package to my Opa (grandpa) who lives in Germany. I only see him once a year at most and the rest of the time we email each other and I post pictures on Facebook so he is able to see what is happening in my life. However, he has macular degeneration which causes him to have poor vision and see very little. That does not stop him from looking at images through magnifying glasses and using tools that will read to him. That is why I sent some things that have meaning to my life to keep him updated and also some postcards so he can read what they said, one postcard is from Hannover and one is from Yosemite. He loves travelling so I figured the postcards and the picture of the map would be nice together. Also I am sending him a first place ribbon I got when I was on swim team for nine years. I included a lanyard from Long Beach so he has something from the school I am attending. I added an ornament that is meant to look like a Starbucks Frappuccino because I love Starbucks. I included a picture from one of our projects “Landscape with a Corpse” because he loves art and telling me how proud he is of my school work. The sunglasses were bought in Germany close to his house when I went to visit and the pictures of the two boys are of my little cousins. They like to hear stories of the boys so I sent my grandparents their school pictures. I also sent my old phone cases because I love swimming and the other one had pictures of chocolate bar wrappers on it from Germany also. So most of the package was about me and things that I hold close to me because I know my Opa likes to hear about that kind of stuff. I had fun making it and thinking about what he might like to hear about. I really hope he likes it and finds everything interesting.

Gabriella Tecun

pieces of ephemera, chocolate, and a coloring book spread out on a wooden table
Jennifer Ostroff, 2:30

For me, this was personal, for the person I chose is someone I consider very close to me. She was there for me when my life had hit its lows (when my dog died, when I was in the hospital, after every fight with my parents), as well as the highs (she was there when I graduated from my previous college, and when I got accepted to CSULB). For years, she’s been there for me…but we’ve never formally met in person, because she lives in Washington state, and up til now I was stuck in Pennsylvania.

Linden and I became friends through an online writing community, and I think she’s absolutely amazing. Recently, she’s been going through a lot, so I decided she was my best candidate to send a care package to. Enclosed, I basically chose a bunch of her favorite things: she adores Olaf from Frozen, the minions, and Star Wars – that was the easy part. I also wanted to send a bit of me, so I sent a little Finding Dory card, as well as a very unique piece of driftwood I found at Junipero Beach (which is a block from my apartment). I also included a few “art doodads”, like decals and an adult coloring book, because why not? Also a chocolate deer head because it was on sale, and who doesn’t love chocolate?

Essentially, my art care package means that I’ll always be there for her, even if we can’t physically be with each other.

Jennifer Ostroff

a large assortment of ephemera
Maria Romo, 2:30

I decided that this was too much of an intimate experience and that it was truly giving me an opportunity to do something good so I sent it to my cousin Crystal. Crystal is about 6 years older than me, and as a teenager I looked up to her, but over time I lost all connection from her and actually forgot about her.

So then why did I send her the ACP? I don’t really know this person, she’s almost like a stranger to me. Well, I’m an adult now, and I understand things I didn’t as a child, and all of the things I have been learning lately about my family have made me think that despite whatever has happened, I write my own future. So as an act to open a door, I sent her my ACP.

Maria Romo


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