3 students holding the letters "C A K E"

Leaders, Feedback & Wrapping it Up!

You Made it!

Congrats everyone, you survived! To our few graduating seniors, you survived all of CSULB! Good luck in whatever comes next for you! To our many freshmen, you survived freshman year! Awesomesauce! And to all the sophomores & juniors, congrats! One more down! Here’s to a great next year!

Final Grades

Lots of A’s in both classes! As promised there was 1,000 points possible, and as you know, the breakdown for grades is 90% = “A”, 80% = “B” and so on.

Final Grades:
1p / 2:30

  • A = 900 points – 55 / 49
  • B = 800 points – 11 / 5
  • C = 700 points – 2 / 4
  • D = 600 points – 1 / 0
  • F = 599 points – 3 / 5

1p GPA = 3.58 / 2:30 GPA = 3.48

1,000 possible, & 900 for an “A”… but… a few of you overachievers scored over 1,000 points! 22 of you in 1p & 7 of you in 2:30 earned over 1,000. Also, for the 1st time in the 12 years that I’ve been teaching at The Beach, there’s a tie for #1 @1p! Bernadette & Kiara both scored exactly 1,075 points!

3 students holding the letters "C A K E"
Bernadette Villena, Kiara Lacambra & Renette Tabadero


  1. Bernadette Villena, 1075
  2. Kiara Lacambra, 1075
  3. Karen Luau, 1073
  4. Eliza Karpel, 1072
  5. Alicia Castro, 1045
  6. Sara Rivenbark, 1024
  7. Derek Chow, 1022
  8. Emelina Virga, 1022
  9. Misty Ruiz, 1022
  10. Jennifer Vega, 1019
  11. Lyle Adonis, 1016
  12. Maryam Takla, 1015
  13. Ceasar Mark Nonga, 1013
  14. Shannon Satterfield, 1009
  15. Lauren Trinh, 1008
  16. Bailey McCann, 1007
  17. Christine Pham, 1005
  18. Rachel Palmer, 1003
  19. Renette Tabadero, 1003
  20. Toria Painter, 1002
  21. Anthony Doo, 1001
  22. Josh Ocular, 1001
Rachel Palmer & Maria Romo standing at the Art Walls at Venice Beach, CA
Rachel Palmer & Maria Romo


  1. Maria Romo, 1116
  2. Jacob Siciliano, 1076
  3. Betty Escorcia, 1073
  4. Jackie Perez Magana, 1022
  5. Jared Malabed, 1011
  6. Alexander LeBreton, 1002
  7. Aenah Shaira Ramones, 1002

Art 110 Facebook Alumni Group

I made an Art110 FB group if you’d like to stay in touch with me or each other. You can post updates there or whatever you’d like.

If you want to find me on other platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, you’re welcome to Friend/Follow me. I don’t initiate friend/follow requests to students, since that feels invasive of your privacy, but I’m happy to accept them, or follow back, if you choose to initiate contact. If you follow me on a platform like Instagram, Twitter, etc, and your account is “private,” then I won’t follow you back, again, because it feels like I might be invading your private space.

Your Activity Evaluations

The Good

Somewhat different results this semester. Graffiti Writing has always been the #1 activity, but this time it slid down to #4 with a not-so-inspired score of +5. You really liked Plaster Casting & Art Care Package. And you Really really liked Sketching in the Garden. I think you liked the chance to visit the garden and also coming in Week 14 you were probably ready for some de-stressing. Also the materials were super-minimal and you didn’t have to do anything outside of class time, so that probably helped propel Sketching to the top. In the Slack discussion you seemed to love the Design Thinking Applied to Life activity, but when it came time to score things, it only wound up with +2.

The Not So Good

Architecture crashed in with a whopping -9! Although I must say that some of your Architecture projects were creative and thoughtful. And, wow, you hated the Deep Ethnography: Pre-Electric Cultures activity a lot! The last time we tried that activity was maybe 3 years ago or so and it was similarly unpopular then. I didn’t think I’d ever bring it back, but I had conversations with a number of you this semester and you seemed pretty interested in it, so I thought we’d give it a try. Well, I guess the verdict hasn’t changed. Again though, some of you wrote powerful, insightful pieces about the experience.

Based on your feedback, we probably won’t do this activity again, but I do hope it was a chance for you to reflect. For me the activity speaks in 2 ways. First, perhaps the more obvious, is just to appreciate how dependent all the moments of our lives are on the uninterrupted flow of electricity. The 2nd is that human culture dates back 40,000 years, and our Homo sapiens species dates back 100,000 years, yet the electric grid and the light bulb have only been around for 100 years or so. Your parents didn’t grow up digital as you did, but they did grow up electric as you did. Maybe your grandparents too. But past that, it’s 40,000 years of human beings who lived in very different worlds. Very different reality. Very different consciousness. 40,000 years worth of ancestors who worked harder. Who got bored. Who saw a hundred billion stars in the night sky every night. I think it’s worth reflecting on that. Thanks for indulging me.

  • Sketching +15 -1 = +14
  • Plaster Casting +17 -9 = +8
  • Art Care Package +11 -4 = +7
  • Graffiti +12 -7 = +5
  • Landscapes +10 -8 = +2
  • Design Thinking +3 -1 = +2
  • Finger Paint +6 -5 = +1

  • Zines +7 -10 = -3
  • AutoDraw +3 -8 = -5
  • Architecture &UP +3 -12 = -9
  • Ethnography +2 -14 = -12

Happy Travels!

Have a great summer everyone! The best of wishes for all your adventures going forward. Thanks for sharing a small part of your college experience with me. If you’re on campus next year, you know where to find me.

Glenn Zucman's signature in pencil on page 143 of Self Service magazine, issue #45, Fall-Winter 2016


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