Chantae Reden in a cap & gown, holding her diploma and waving joyously

Wk 15: Designing Your Life

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Hi everyone!

Well, we’ve come to the last week! Thanks for all your hard work, bright ideas, and creative thinking this semester. I’ve definitely learned a lot from all of you, and I hope you’ve learned a lot from your time here in Art 110.

“Preview” Post

It’s Monday morning ATM… later tonight I’ll be adding samples of your drawings from the Japanese Garden last week, points update, and so on. But I’m sending this out to you now, so you can have the most time to check out Chantae Reden’s work before we meet with her on Wednesday, and so you can have the most time to think about Designing the Life You Really Want.

This Week

I hope this is a week that you can consider Design Thinking, but even more, I hope it’s a week that can be truly useful for your life going forward.

For our last week I’m going to sync up our Art Talk, F2F Class, and Activity, all in pursuit of thinking about that wicked problem of designing your life. (you’ll learn what a “wicked problem” is when you watch the video)

  • We’ll meet in FA4-311 this week for a Visiting Artist talk by Chantae Reden.
  • Our Art Talk video on Slack will also be a “guest speaker”, Dave Evans on Designing the Life You Really Want.
  • And our Activity will be to try applying Design Thinking to Designing Your Life.

BTW, here’s the numbers of Sr-Jr-So-Fr in 1p, 2:30, and total:

  • Seniors: 10+14=24
  • Juniors: 15+6=21
  • Sophomores: 35+19=54
  • Freshmen: 12+24=36

I think you seniors & juniors will be in a mind space to think about Designing the Life You Really Want. I realize that you sophomores & freshmen might be a little bit more worried about Where am I? And how do I survive (thrive) here? But even as a freshman, you’ll be out of The Beach sooner than you think. Sure a boring lecture can be long, but 4 years can go by so fast! Also, as a freshman, you might want to adapt Designing my life to Designing my CSULB. They’re not really all that different! They’re both about considering your options – and there’s way more options than you probably think! And then considering features, weighing attributes, and making choices.

Week 15

  • Art Talk: Designing the Life You Really Want – on Slack
  • Class on Wed: Visiting artist talk by Chantae Reden <– please read some of her work before classtime!
  • Activity: Designing the Life You Really Want
  • Classmate Conversation: in FA4-311 on Wed
  • Artist Conversation: none.

Net Neutrality

Unfortunately, we haven’t had a chance to talk about Free Speech, Civil Rights, Human Rights, The Ability to Participate in Culture, Internet Freedom, or Net Neutrality this semester. In my probably not-so-humble-opinion, the Obama Administration was bad on Internet Freedom. But the Trump Administration is poised to be a lot worse. If you watched Last Week Tonight with John Oliver last night, you know he spent the bulk of the show on Net Neutrality:

And here’s the original Last Week Tonight on Net Neutrality:

If you’d like to express your opinion on this issue to the FCC, you can use the convenient link Last Week Tonight created:

Chantae Reden in a cap & gown, holding her diploma and waving joyously
Chantae Reden graduating from USC with a BA in Political Science in 2012.


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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