CSULB students painting at the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls

Wk 1 Summer Welcome!

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CSULB students painting at the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls

Happy Summer!

And Welcome to Art 110!
I hope you have a wonderful Art Experience this summer!

Here’s who’s in the class with us:


  • Freshmen 1
  • Sophomores 6
  • Juniors 2
  • Seniors 14


  • Engineering (Computer, Electrical, Mechanical) 4
  • Social Science (Sociology, Psychology Poly Sci) 4
  • Business-ish (Management, Hospitality, International Studies) 4
  • Health-ish (Kinesiology , Dietetics, Human Dev) 3
  • Chemistry, Biology, Biochem 3
  • Undeclared / Non Degree 3
  • Film & Electronic Arts, Communications 2

What’s up!?


The syllabus will give you a pretty good idea of what’s going on. Find it here:

WordPress & Slack

You’ll want to make 2 things:

  1. A website at WordPress.com – by all being on the same platform we’ll be logged in and can find each other, comment on each other’s activities, etc.
  2. An account on Slack.com

To join beacharts.slack.com send an email to glenn.zucman@csulb.edu with your email and I’ll invite you. It’s great if your Slack user name is your first name, or whatever name you like to go by. That way your classmates and I can know who we’re talking with. BTW, you can also change your “CSULB Name” to the name you prefer. That’s great to do since it makes it easier for people like me to give grades to people like you! 😀 If you’re one of the 2 Kevin’s, you might use something kevin-al & kevin-ar, or whatever you like.

PS: As you’ll read in the syllabus, we won’t be using BeachBored at all this summer. We’ll do all of our work through your WordPress websites and Slack. I know signing up for new things can seem like a drag, but take a look at what the peeps from last summer said about Slack. After the 1st week of getting used to it, they almost all liked it a lot better than BeachBored:

The Roster

As you’ll see in the syllabus, each week we’ll try 1 Art Activity, watch 2 short videos, discuss the videos on Slack, and write 2 blog posts. You don’t have to “turn in” anything. You just post on your website (blog) and I’ll go find your work and give you points. The only thing to “turn in” is in week 1, you’ll give me the URL of your new website. You can leave it as a comment on our Roster page:

Wk 1 Plaster Casting

All of our activities are listed on the Syllabus and you’ll find individual activity briefs on the “Art Experiences” menu here on glenn.zucman.com/i2va

For week 1 we’ll try Plaster Casting!

As you know, this class is 100% online. You can be anywhere you can find an internet connection! But you might like the chance to meet a few of your classmates if you happen to be in the Long Beach, CA vicinity. So for the 1st 4 weeks we’ll have optional meetups.

As you’ll see on the Plaster Casting page, this week’s optional meetup is Thursday May 26 between 10am & Noon at the Seal Beach Pier. I’ll bring iced tea! I hope to meet a few of you there!

Wk 1 Videos

Our Wk 1 “Art Talk” video is 3 Million Years of Art History.

Our Wk 1 “Artist of the week” is Allan Kaprow.*

Watch videos.
Discuss on Slack!


I think after a week or two you will find the class pretty easy and straightforward. Of course the first week we’ll be signing up at WordPress & Slack and Casting Plaster & Watching Videos and Chatting & Blogging! No doubt, you will have questions! The easiest thing is just to jump on Slack and ask stuff. It’s a pretty easy and fast platform and it works great on your phone or laptop or anything else. If you need help connecting to Slack, shoot me an email at glenn.zucman@csulb.edu

CSULB students painting at the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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