Students running to collect works of art at an outdoor "art auction"

2016-2017 Here we go… Welcome to the Beach!!


Students running to collect works of art at an outdoor "art auction"
Art110 Final, Spring ’16: “Art Games”

Hi guys!

Welcome to Art110: Introduction to the Visual Arts! I’m happy you’re taking the class and I hope we’ll have a fun, relevant & useful semester. I’ve just published the Syllabus, Schedule, Materials List & Roster. Links for all of them are below, and this video will get you started:

Class Links


The CSULB Art Store located in FA3 (Fine Art Building 3) is putting together an Art Kit for us. They’ll put all the things you need in a handy bucket that you can also use for the plaster casting activity. It’ll have everything except maybe the spray paint. We’re negotiating now about them selling it. As you might know, spray paint tends to make people nervous. The also haven’t told me a price for the art kit yet, but I’ll pass the price on as soon as I hear it.


You can go to our Schedule on Trello, or see it below:

Who’s Who in Art110!?

OMG you guys, hate to say it, but 2:30 is crushing 1pm 8 to 1! If you’re in 2:30 – keep going! 😀 If you’re in 1pm – aww c’mon Aleah Lomeli’s super-awesome, but don’t make her represent the whole class by herself! 😛

Screen cap of the "Who's Who" page for the 2:30 section of the class
2:30 Rocks!
screen cap of Who's Who page for the 1pm section of the class
1pm… uh… probably having too much fun at The Other Beach! 😀

Have an awesome rest of summer everyone! I’m looking forward to meeting you all on Wed August 24th. If you have questions about anything before that, just jump on chat and ask!


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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