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Jenn & Sami both pitched projects promoting self-esteem for girls. They’re really beautiful and important projects. I know these were only “practice” pitches, but it’d be great to see Jenn & Sami collaborate on something. Perhaps their Activity 11 – Student Choice could be more on this? Sami’s already started her work, and Jenn’s fits so nicely with her already active Health & Lifestyle blog.

College is a truly great time to run with ideas that inspire you. Never forget that the #1 market cap corporation in the world, Apple Inc, was just 2 guys in a California garage a few years ago. Or on a much lighter end, that 2 people who thought an Emoji-only social network was so silly that they had to do it for real. Or the amazing new ideas for health & longer-life that are coming in wearable designs. Small or large, change happens when a couple of people with passion and vision collaborate.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Attributed to Margaret Mead

Sung wants us to visit Korea – here’s his pitch:

7 girls looking at the camera, 6 in the back and a little out of focus, 1 in the center in sharp focus
Thinking about girls and self-esteem in our media saturated world

Photo: Sara by Alena Navarro-Whyte

Sadie did a really impressive job this week! She pitched the Desk-a-roo product that she designed last week in the Rapid Prototype activity, and she also found the “Coolest” pitch video on Kickstarter. If you’d asked me if I was interested in buying a new ice chest, I’d have said no. But after this really effective video that Sadie found, I don’t think I can live without one! From “no interest” to “must have” in 3 minutes & 21 seconds – that’s impressive.

Speaking of things you didn’t know you needed, here’s Cat Hats from Kaitlin!

Cat hats from Kaitlin on Vimeo.

Emilie has reinvented air conditioning for apartments!


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