Artist OTW 7: Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

Janet Cardiff from Glenn Zucman on Vimeo.

Activity #7: Rapid Prototype

This week you get to design something. Quick. Cheap. And use it already! By taking your simple prototype into the field (your life) you can get a quick feel for how it functions, what’s desirable, and how strong your use case is.

Full Rapid Prototype Activity details here!

Discussion Questions

Rapid Prototype
Share with your discussion groupmates:

  • The area you thought about, like Aerospace or Nursing, like Cars or Cosplay
  • The “need” you wanted to address
  • The “device” you prototyped
  • What your experience of using it has been so far

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller create site specific works or experiences. Have you seen or thought about site specific installations or public art before? What do you think of this idea? Versus, say a painting or sculpture, that can go anywhere?

Aesthetics & Beauty
In the 4 paintings from Bouguereau, Manet-Meurent, Picasso & de Kooning, I argue that the works get progressively less pretty, but also more honest or truthful about people, experiences, and attitudes. And that if beauty is truth, then the less pretty paintings are perhaps more “beautiful.” What do you think?

I mention briefly that there is also a gendered component to many of our ideas of beauty. What do you think about beauty and gender?

Realism & Romanticism
In the video I ask,

If you had a dial from 100% Realism & 0% Romanticism… to… 0% Realism & 100% Romanticism, where would you set your personal life dial?

What’s your answer?

Buffy is upset with Willow because she has rejected Halloween’s invitation to “Role Play.” Our Artist OTW last week, Nikki S. Lee, did a lot of role play. Pablo Picasso once said,

Everything you can imagine is real.

What do you think of imagination and role play? Is it just idle fantasy for the affluent and bored? Or do we create our own reality?

Art Talk 7a: Aesthetics & Beauty

Art Talk #7a – Aesthetics & Beauty from Glenn Zucman on Vimeo.

Art Talk 7b: Realism & Romanticism

Art Talk #7b – Realism & Romanticism from Glenn Zucman on Vimeo.

Discussion Groups

Group 1 – Tue 9p – Heather

  1. Heather Bencivengo – Heather Michelle << Organizer
  2. Sung Hyun Han – Sung Hyun
  3. Polly Nguyen – xPolly
  4. Albert Le – Albert
  5. Soo Kyung “Emilie” Kim – Emilie Soo

Group 2 – Wed 9p – Jennifer

  1. Jennifer Solis – << Organizer
  2. Glenn Zucman – Mixed
  3. Andrew Jimenez – Drew
  4. Amanda Peck – Amanda
  5. Taryn Rescigno – Taryn

Group 3 – Thu 6p – Ricki

  1. Ricki Cline – Ricki << Organizer
  2. Sadie Soto – Sadie
  3. Shivam Mehta – Shiv
  4. Kaitlin Krumwiede – Kaitlin
  5. Julia Meinen – Julia

Group 4 – Sat 2p – Shamir

  1. Mohamed Mohideen – Shamir << Organizer
  2. Juston Couch –
  3. Justin Guiu – Justin
  4. Kate Brogan – Kate
  5. Siraj Aboulhosn – Siraj

Group 5+

Kelsey, Emily A., & Sami did fill out the Doodle, but only gave us 1 hour out of the week and unfortunately I couldn’t match you with a group. Jessica, Jorge & Li-Ren didn’t fill out the Doodle. For all 6 of you, you can:

  • Join any one of the 4 groups above if you can do that time slot.
  • email each other and find a time that works. It doesn’t need to be all 6 of you together, but if groups of 2 or 3 of you can “Hangout,” that’ll be great.
  1. Kelsey Hitchcock – Demeires
  2. Emily Alpaugh – Emily
  3. Sami Focarino – Samantha
  4. Jessica Garnett – JeSSS
  5. Jorge Ulloa – Georgie
  6. Li-Ren Chang – LiRen

TY everyone!

black-and-white photo of 3 designers carving a body shape for an early prototype for the Ford Mustang
1962: designers at the Ford Motor Company imagining an early prototype for the Mustang

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?