photo of a person inside a cardboard box watching a movie on their cell phone screen.

Rapid Prototype Samples


Sadie Soto

photo of a unit that clips on a lecture hall fold up desktop in a university lecture hall
Lecture hall desk organizer by Sadie Soto

Sadie hates the tiny fold-up desk tops at big universities like Penn State and CSULB. So she designed an easy device that fits in her backpack, clips quickly on her desk, and makes class in a large lecture hall a lot easier.

Polly Nguyen

green desk organizer featuring pen holding and notes
Desk organizer by Polly Nguyen

Like Sadie, Polly wanted a way to organize her study space. While Sadie focused on the classroom, Polly thought about the home office.

Eating Convenience

Kelsey DeMeire

photo of a chip bag with a built-in-napkin
Napkin-in-a-bag by Kelsey DeMeire.

DeMeire loves to eat salty snacks at the beach. But she hates having salty-snack-fingers. Enter napkin-in-a-bag. Ridiculously simple, but oh so handy!

Kaitlin Krumiede

photo of a tin-foil toothpick holder
Instant toothpick holder by Kaitlin Krumiede

Kaitlin wanted to create something simple, but useful in the kitchen. Using her family’s brutally honest feedback, she refined her design for an instant toothpick holder.

Phone Accessories

Siraj Aboulhosn

Here’s a demo of Siraj’s passive speaker system for your phone. Active speakers have power & electronics and other requirements. Siraj has designed a device that doesn’t require any of that.

Heather Michelle

photo of a phone case that includes a special photography lens
Phone Lens / Case by Heather Michelle

Heather wanted to combine the phone case and the supplementary phone camera lens into a single item.

Li-Ren Chang

photo of an iPhone mocked up to be a super-alarm-clock
Super-alarm-clock by Li-Ren Chang

Li-Ren is bad at getting up. So he turned his phone into a super-alarm-clock!

Sung Hyun Han

photo of a person inside a cardboard box watching a movie on their cell phone screen.
Cardboard Box Theater by Sung Hyun Han.

Sung wanted a weekend, chilling, hands-free way of watching a movie on his phone. So he created the cardboard box theater.


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