Wk1: Welcome!

Wk1: Welcome!

Albert, Amanda, Andrew, Emily, Heather, Jennifer, Jessica, Jorge, Julia, Justin, Juston, Kaitlin, Kelsey, Li-Ren, Michael, Mohamed, Polly, Ricki, Sadie, Samantha, Shivam, Siraj, Soo, Sung & Taryn — Hi! Welcome to Art110 Summer Online!

Our virtual classroom is here:
and the syllabus is here:

Here’s a video where I give you a tour of the “classroom,” the course, and how to get started:

As you’ll see when you look at the materials, in each of our 12 weeks we’ll have 2 short videos, one on Art History and one Artist Of The Week. After you watch them you’ll meetup with Google Hangouts in groups of 4 or 5 to discuss. I think it shouldn’t be hard to find a half hour during the week when your group can meetup. LMK if you have any problems. If you haven’t used Google Hangouts before, it’s pretty easy and you can use it on your Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. After your Hangout you do a blog post on your reaction to the Videos & the Hangout.

Vimeo-ArtistOTW-980x250The other thing we’ll do each week is an “Activity” and a 2nd blog post about the Activity. Some Activities will be 2D Art like Painting, some 3D Art like making Sculptures with Plaster Casting, and for Week 1 we’re creating “ePortfolios” aka Websites where you can do your 2 blog posts each week. Each week’s posts are due by 11:59pm PDT on Sunday Night.

Take a look at the materials and give a shout if you have questions.

I hope you enjoy Art110! And Happy Summer!

— Glenn


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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