Wk10: Photography

Wk10: Photography

Image from Izima Kaoru's "Landscapes with a Corpse" photographic Memento Mori series
Landscapes with a Corpse, Izima Kaoru.
Koike Kiko wears Gianni Versace, 2004.

Week 10 Activity: Landscapes with a Corpse

This is the last week that Glenn picks the activities. Starting next week, You pick what you’re going to do. For our last “Glenn” project we return to photography. We looked at Photography in Week 2 with our Instagram Activity. That was Social Photography or Relational Aesthetics. This week we’ll try somewhat more traditional photography. But there’s still a twist. We’re imagining our own demise. Landscapes with a Corpse is Izima Kaoru’s twenty-year-long photography project. This week we’ll try a photograph of our own earthly departure in his style. Full detail on the Landscapes with a Corpse page

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All points through the end of Week 9 are now up on BeachBoard. Here’s what you should have to be on track for each grade level:
A pace – 454 – 104 peeps
B pace – 403 – 17 peeps
C pace – 353 – 9 peeps
D pace – 302 – 6 peeps
F pace – 301 – 7 peeps

Wk 9 Activity: V-log/ About Me Video from Anna Joy on Vimeo.

Top 10

  1. Anna Joy Floresca – 694
  2. Diana Martinez – 693
  3. Evan Huang – 668
  4. Marlyn Castillo – 652
  5. Allison Wendell – 615
  6. Bowas Yang – 610
  7. Nicole Ilagan – 597
  8. Quynh Ong – 574
  9. Conny Ramirez – 572
  10. Connor Bailey – 572

Amir Kiani

Alonzo Urita

Jack Taylor

About Me ART 110 from Jack Taylor on Vimeo.

Conny Ramirez

Welcome to My Website from Conny Ramirez on Vimeo.

Aubrey Delos Reyes

Dominic Erich

Jake Mercadante

Jake Mercadante

Intro to my blog tho from jake mercadante on Vimeo.

Emily Bondoc

Welcome to the #emilystravels blog! from Emily Bondoc on Vimeo.

Diana Martinez

INTRO from Diana Martinez on Vimeo.

Amber Reyes

Angelica Camacho

Allison Wendell

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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