Spoiler Alert!

Marie Dodson, Editorial Director, Branded Content @Nasdaq, former editor Torque Magazine

You can’t just tell us all our sites are going down and then end your talk leaving us hanging!

You have to give us the answer!

Marie Dodson

Spoiler Alert!

I don’t actually have “the answer”.

Things that might help

  • Try managed hosting instead of a VPS
  • HTML & the URL are core now. They won’t go away.
  • WordPress or any dynamic content won’t survive. Use static HTML on Amazon EC2
  • Use Plugins that are updated frequently
  • Use large web hosts that will probably stick around
  • Do everything on WP Codex > Hardening WordPress
  • A complicated password will not help you, but 2-factor authentication is essential
  • MySQL is rock solid. Even if a site does go down, in the future someone could take that database, put a theme on it, and it might not look exactly as it did, but it would be live again.
  • Maybe WordPress.com is cooler than you think