2 CSULB students with very big smiles facing the camera

Wk3: Awesome Vlogs

So much great work this week! Lots more than I could feature on one page. Congratulations to everyone! Here are a few of the nice blogs / vlogs:

Maddie Ballew.com

Samantha Jean.net
Olivia Sugarman.com
Tania Chandiluhur.com

Meg M Workman.com
Ssanchez Anabel.com
April M Kang.com

Like Eric, some of you talked about turning your Website / Blog into an Automotive or Biology or Nursing or Cosplay or anything else site after this semester. My message is, why wait!? All you need for Art110 is maybe a menu where we an easily see all of your Art110 Activity posts. But all the rest of the content, the look and feel, the home page, all of it, can be yours, right now. After all, it is your website! If you want any help with organizing / customizing, just ask!

Not only could Eric have fun putting together his automotive site, but it might even help his career. As an intern at Northrop Grumman, and graduating soon with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he’s probably going to be on the job market soon. Obviously his career skills will be the most important thing. But he’s probably going to be competing against a lot of similarly qualified people. In aerospace, and the kinds of places he might be applying, I bet there’s a few managers and other types who share his passion for working on and driving cars. How nice if one of the 5 finalists for our new hire also happens to share my passion for cars!

Eric Moreland91.com
Erikka Ross.com

Kimberly Aranda.com

Jordan Gavero116.com
David Rhorho.com

Cindy Santiago101.com
ArtBy Ida Bohlin.com

2 CSULB students with very big smiles facing the camera
Pilar Garcia & Debora Zelaya from Debora’s interview with Pilar.


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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