Summer ’17 Syllabus

Summer ’17 Syllabus

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Class Overview

• May 30 – August 18
• 100% online
• No tests, quizzes or term papers.
• Textbook: The Internet
• Materials: See materials list

From Glenn:

Each week we’ll have:
• Art Activity
• Artist OTW Discussion
• “Art Talk” Discussion on Art History / Art Ideas

From You:

You’ll do your work in 2 places:
• Your website
• Our class discussion space on

Each week you’ll do 2 blog posts:
• Write up of your Art Activity
• Artist OTW essay

Each week you’ll discuss 2 videos with your classmates on Slack:
• 3 comments / comment replies on Artist OTW
• 3 comments / comment replies on Art Talk

• Week Starts on Monday
• Due by Thursday Midnight: Slack Discussion (Artist OTW & Art Talk)
• Due by Sunday Midnight: Blog Posts (Artist OTW & Activity)

I’ll grade your work on Mondays and give you your weekly points not later than Noon Tuesday by private IM on Slack.

Schedule Overview

  1. Plaster Casting – Optional Meetup
  2. Landscapes with a Corpse
  3. Graffiti Writing – Optional Meetup
  4. Social / Mobile Proposal
  5. Environmental Portraits
  6. Sketching – Optional Meetup
  7. TBA Mobile Art Activity
  8. ePortfolio
  9. Art Museum Visit – Optional Meetup
  10. Zines
  11. Your Turn
  12. Automatic Drawing – Optional Meetup

Optional Meetups

As a 100% online course, you’re never required to be at any specific place, and other than deadlines, you’re never required to participate on any specific day or time. This flexibility is probably part of why you chose this summer class.

Still, students do like the chance to meet each other. And while a few of you might be going home to Hong Kong, Stockholm, or Fresno, and taking the class from there, or staying in The LBC, but taking trips to San Diego or Las Vegas, a lot of you will probably be around the Long Beach area at least part of the summer.

So, I’ve arranged for 5 Optional Meetups across the summer. You can totally do these activities on your own anywhere! But here’s a chance to meetup with me and a few of your classmates if you’d like to.

Check the list of Optional Meetups for weeks, dates, times & locations.

Full Syllabus

Art 110: Introduction to the Visual Arts

  • Section 1: Class No.10222
  • May 30 – August 18
  • 100% Online Course
  • Instructor: Glenn Zucman
  • Office Hours: 24/7 on Slack
  • Contact: Slack
  • Alternate Contact:


  • None


The purpose of this course is to introduce students to Art and Ideas as practiced in the 21st century. Students will try a wide range of art media from traditional tools like Drawing & Paint, to contemporary media like Snapchat & Video. Short videos will introduce artists and art ideas that students will further explore through research and discussions with classmates. Written blog posts will compare and contrast contemporary artists.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe some of the styles, ideas, and issues found in the Western canon.
  • Understand and articulate some of the ways that art functions vis-a-vis human culture
  • Build upon their direct, introductory experiences, in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Animation, and Data Visualization in both Physical and Virtual worlds
  • Articulate their understanding of the relationship between art and: culture, speech, creativity, expression.
  • Describe the role of the artist in culture / society.

Format of the Course

Each week this course includes:

  1. Art Activity – activity to try & post on your blog
  2. Art Talk – art ideas & art history discussion on slack
  3. Artist of the Week – research an artist online, discuss on Slack & finally write a blog post about

Due Dates

  • Discussion Posts by Thursday Midnight
  • Blog Posts by Sunday Midnight

No Late Work

  • There will not be any late work accepted in this course.
  • You may do activities & blog posts early.
  • You hopefully can participate in discussions with a smart phone from most places on earth.

Original Work

Your work should be yours. If you plagiarize in this course I will report you to the Chair of your Department, and the Dean of your CSULB College. It is very easy for you to not do an activity and just Google for images. It is also very easy for me to Google for those same images and show where you plagiarized from. Take this course, and your CSULB education seriously, do honest, and great, work.


Your Internet Device / Camera (Phone, Tablet, or Laptop) is your textbook.


See the Materials List.


Participation online is crucial. Obviously as a 100% online course, you don’t ever have to be in any specific place or at any specific time.


  • Having the good sense to sign up for the class = 4 points
  • 12 Activities x 27 = 324 points
  • 12 Artist OTW Blogs x 20 = 240
  • 12 Artist OTW Discussions x 18 points (3 discussion comments x 6 points) = 216 points
  • 12 Art Talk Discussions x 18 points (3 discussion comments x 6 points) = 216 points

Course Total Possible = 1,000 points.


  • 900 points = A
  • 800 points = B
  • 700 points = C
  • 600 points = D
  • 599 & below = F

Rubric: Activities

Each Activity starts off with a perfect 27, and points are deducted from that if necessary:

  1. No Photos: -5
  2. Poor Post Naming: -5
  3. Too short: -5
  4. Not analytic enough: -5

Rubric: Artist OTW

Each Artist Blog Post starts off with a perfect 20, and points are deducted from that if necessary:

  1. No Photos: -4
  2. Poor Post Naming: -4
  3. Too short: -4
  4. Not analytic enough: -4


Photos of what?

  • Art Activities: document your process
  • Artist OTW: it should be easy to find images online

Post Names

What is “good” post naming?

  • Wk2 – Activity – Plaster Casting
  • Wk2 – Artist – Ana Mendieta

Writing About Artists

Sometimes students ask why we discuss the Artist OTW on Slack and blog about them? Isn’t that redundant?

If this were an F2F class, we’d meet with CSULB School of Art Artists and discuss their work. Since we don’t have that opportunity, the short intro from me and your research and discussion with each other take the place of having an F2F conversation with the artist. After this you should have the resources to write a compelling piece about the artist.

Note that the majority of these artists are living artists and you’re welcome to email them any questions. Some might respond quickly. But others might be slow to respond and of course, some might never respond. Feel free to email the artist for information if you want to, but our online research and class discussions will be the most reliable way of developing ideas for your essays.


The Art Department grants “incompletes” rarely and only for the most extreme conditions.

Withdrawal Deadlines

  • Drop without ‘W’ deadline Jun 12
  • Withdrawal with ‘W’ deadline Aug 11


CSULB will make reasonable accommodations for any student who has a disability. It is the student’s responsibility to notify me in advance of the need for special accommodations.

Alternate Activities

If an activity is problematic for you, let me know and we’ll come up with an alternative activity for you.


Pretty much, if you participate in the discussions & put up 2 posts a week with Pix, Good Titles & nice Analysis, you should totally ace this class.

Erin Flores Graffiti Writing at the Venice Beach legal Art Walls
Erin Flores Graffiti Writing at the Venice Beach legal Art Walls

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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