Sum 14 Materials

Sum 14 Materials


1. Website & URL


We’re making Websites or ePortfolios on WordPress powers 20% of all sites on the web these days. It started as blogging software, and while it’s still great at that, it’s become a “CMS” or Content Management System. It’s a handy place to turn in your Art110 activities, but more importantly it can become Your Website! It can be a great platform to present yourself to the world. Your website on is free forever and your own domain name will cost about $18.

When you sign up you’ll get a URL like – we will not be using those URL’s. I’m asking you to buy your own Domain Name, like It’s your website and your choice what URL you buy. But as a professional site for your career, something like will probably serve you better than something like

2. Plaster


You need some things that you can probably scrounge up somewhere:
• Bucket
• Shovel
• Stir Stick
And you’ll get some
1. Plaster of Paris – a 4# box for yourself is about $7 or you could get a 25# bag to share between 4 or 5 or even 6 people for about $16

3. Spray Paint


You’ll need at least 2 colors of paint, but just buy 1 can and share colors with a classmate. Any spray paint is ok. Montana Gold is really great!

4. Other Materials

Whatever materials you might need to realize your vision on various projects including P11 & P12.

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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