Sum 14 Activities

Amanda's niece, Amanda & Siraj standing in-between Siraj's 2 pieces in English & Arabic.
Amanda’s niece, Amanda & Siraj standing in-between Siraj’s 2 pieces in English & Arabic.

Each Week:

  1. Watch 2 short videos: Art History & Artist OTW
  2. Discuss in Google Hangout – can schedule with Doodle
  3. Blog it!
  4. Do Activity
  5. Blog it!


Each week’s posts are due by 11:59pm PDT on Sunday night.


On time posts receive up to 42 points. Posts up to 1 week late, receive up to 30 points. Posts more than 1 week late are not accepted.


Follow the weekly links for full details on each activity:

Week 1:

  • Activity: Digital Media: ePortfolio: Your Blog!
  • Art History: 3 Million Years of Art History
  • Artist OTW: Allan Kaprow

Week 2:

  • Activity: 3D Art: Sculpture: Plaster Casting
  • Art History: The Mind in the Cave
  • Artist OTW: Ana Mendieta

Week 3:

  • Activity: New Media: Vlogs
  • Art History: Classical Art
  • Artist OTW: Francesca Woodman

Week 4:

  • Activity: 2D Art: Drawing
  • Art History: The Middle Ages
  • Artist OTW: Joseph Cornell

Week 5:

  • Activity: 2D Art: Painting
  • Art History: Renaissance & Baroque
  • Artist OTW: Victorine Meurent

Week 6:

  • Activity: Relational Aesthetics: Instagram
  • Art History: 19th Century
  • Artist OTW: Nikki S. Lee

Week 7:

  • Activity: Design: Rapid Prototyping
  • Art History: Aesthetics & Beauty; Realism & Romanticism
  • Artist OTW: Janet Cardiff

Week 8:

  • Activity: Arts Funding: Kickstarter
  • Art History: 20th Century
  • Artist OTW: Marina Abramovic

Week 9:

  • Activity: Performance Art / Identity Art: Counterfactual Identity
  • Art History: Abstraction & Representation
  • Artist OTW: Eva & Franco Mattes

Week 10:

Week 11:

  • Activity: Student Choice
  • Art History: 21st Century
  • Artist OTW: Joseph DeLappe

Week 12:

  • Activity: Teach One
  • Art History: The Art of Our Time
  • Artist OTW: Andy Warhol


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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