Students in conversation in CSULB classroom MM-200.

Spring ’18 Roster

Banner for content for Spring Semester 2018 at California State University, Long Beach

Once you make your website, leave:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your URL

    as a comment on this page. I’ll add you to the roster. After that, you don’t have to “turn in” your 2 weekly blog posts, you just post them on your website and I’ll go find them each week.

  • The URL to your site will be in the form “”
  • URL’s in the form “” are links to your dashboard which only a logged in user (you) can access

Be sure that your posts about SOA Student Artists are set to password protected and please use the password “soa” (all lower case and no quotation marks) TY!

Art 110 Spring ’18

  1. Aaron Chun
  2. Adam Moroz
  3. Albert Tran
  4. Alice Chen
  5. Alvin Yoo
  6. Alyssa Gomez
  7. Amanda Martinez
  8. Andrea Gonzalez
  9. Andres Garcia
  10. Andrew Ayala
  11. Andrew Dinh
  12. Angel Amador
  13. Anthony Clark
  14. Anthony Nguyen
  15. Ashley Duran
  16. Bethlehem Gezahegne
  17. Brian Ashley
  18. Brigette Carballo
  19. Bryson Pharis
  20. Carmen Banuelos
  21. Cary Makiyama
  22. Chris Perez
  23. Christopher Spencer
  24. Damon Sharpe
  25. Daniel Cisneros
  26. Daniella Cayetano
  27. Delaney McCombs
  28. Denise Tuquero
  29. Dien Duong
  30. Dominic Lepore
  31. Edgar Vargas
  32. Eileen Sepulveda
  33. Erl-John Tauto-An
  34. Fabian Perez
  35. Genecy Chopin
  36. Greg Dellanini
  37. Ingrid Belloso
  38. Jacqueline Gabriela Hernandez
  39. Jacqueline Zeller
  40. Jessica Lopez
  41. Jessica Martinez
  42. Jingyan Du
  43. John Ngo
  44. John Quach
  45. John Ta
  46. Jonathan Mendonca
  47. Jose Castillo
  48. Joseph Alfaro
  49. Josue Gonzalez
  50. Juan Villa
  51. Julia Heitke
  52. Kaia Makihara
  53. Karen Gonzalez / “art”
  54. Karina Rios
  55. Karlee Steele
  56. Kassandra De La Torre
  57. Kassandra Flores
  58. Katelyn Hanson
  59. Kent Huynh
  60. Kiefer Rodriguez
  61. Kimberly Gonzales
  62. Konstantine Petrakis
  63. Lauren Elizabeth Adams
  64. Lauren De Los Reyes
  65. Linda Esparza
  66. Matthew Hoeksema
  67. Maura Hoffman
  68. Megan Rose Anaya
  69. Milo Kadrlik-Petrarca
  70. Noe Sandoval
  71. Phanary Om
  72. Quynh-Anh Ta
  73. Rachel Hogg
  74. Ryan Calderon
  75. Sarah Bischoff
  76. Semaj Lewis
  77. Shaine Anolin
  78. Sharla Chan
  79. Silje Steinvik
  80. Skylar Shimek
  81. Steven Thanh
  82. Sumrite Aeri
  83. Sydnea Booker
  84. Tammy Phan
  85. Therese Pingol
  86. Toan Nguyen
  87. Travis Nguyen
  88. Valerie Rolon
  89. Victoria “Torie” De Fazio
  90. Victoria Yassa
  91. Vince Samudio
  92. Yena Kang
  93. Yenifer Diaz
  94. Young Cho
  95. Yunjong Noh
  96. Yuri Heo
  97. Zachary Denham
Students in conversation in CSULB classroom MM-200.
Spring 2018! 1st day of class. Art 110 in MM-200.


138 responses to “Spring ’18 Roster”

  1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Great, John! You’re the 1st in the class on the roster – rock on! 🙂

  2. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks, Erl! How’s your semester going so far?

  3. Erl T. Avatar

    I’m still two days into the semester so I’m not sure what to think of it yet. I am excited for this class though, it seems like it’ll be a nice change of pace from a traditional university course.

  4. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks, Jose & Ryan – you’re on the roster! Have a great semester! 🙂

    I hope so, Erl! I’ve really come to believe that less lecture and more activity is a better, more engaging, more fun, more active way to learn more!

  5. ksteeleart Avatar

    Karlee Steele

  6. ksteeleart Avatar
    I didn’t post the whole url, so here it is. Sorry!

  7. Sumrite Aeri Avatar
    Sumrite Aeri

    Sumrite Aeri

  8. Denise Anne Tuquero Avatar
    Denise Anne Tuquero

    Denise Tuquero

  9. yunjonghandsome Avatar

    I re-update my webpage address. The old one is wrong webpage.


  10. Linda Esparza Avatar
    Linda Esparza

    Hello, My name is Linda Esparza and my URL is

  11. Bryson Pharis Avatar
    Bryson Pharis

    Bryson Pharis

  12. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks everybody! Take a look at the roster above — make sure I got your link — and make sure it works! 😀

  13. brightvision811269777 Avatar

    Ingrid Belloso

  14. angelamador310 Avatar

  15. issameh Avatar

    my name is alvin yoo. i didnt think that my actual user would be displayed lmao

  16. Young Cho Avatar

    Young Cho

  17. thelaurenprojectsite Avatar

  18. Dominic Lepore Avatar

    Dominic Lepore

  19. Dien Avatar

    Hi professor! I am now presenting my wordpress webpage which is this;

  20. Kassandra De La Torre Avatar
    Kassandra De La Torre
  21. jonathanmendonca Avatar

    Jonathan Mendonca

  22. adammoroz961830570 Avatar

    Whoops I sent the wrong one, this is the right one:

  23. sharlachann Avatar

    Sharla Chan

  24. chunaaron Avatar

  25. Valerie Rolon Avatar

  26. albertdu233 Avatar

    Name: Jingyan Du

  27. Andres Garcia Avatar
    Andres Garcia

    Name: Andres Garcia

  28. johnquachart Avatar

  29. ludwig54 Avatar
  30. konstantineart Avatar

    Konstantine Petrakis

  31. Karen Gonzalez Avatar
    Karen Gonzalez

    Name: Karen Gonzalez

  32. kjaanne Avatar

    Karen’s Blog

  33. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks everyone! I’ve added all of your URLs in our Spring 2018 Class Roster up above!

    Please check to see:

    1. that you’re there
    2. that your name is spelled right
    3. that your URL link actually goes to your website

    If there’s a “?” after your name, I couldn’t find your URL.

    For any changes or adjustments, just leave a new comment below.


    ~ Glenn

  34. sydneabooker Avatar

    Posted the wrong URL, sorry.
    Name: Sydnea Booker

  35. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks, Valerie, Anthony & Sydnea — you’re on the roster now! 😀

  36. chrisperez6 Avatar

    sorry i posted the wrong URL – Correct Url

  37. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks, Chris! You’re on the roster now! 🙂

    Remember that your 2 weekly blog posts (Art Activity + Artist Conversation) are due on your website by 11:59pm on Sunday night. And that there is no late work. This is week B3 (week 6 for the rest of campus)

    Shout if you have any questions or need any help with anything.

    How’s your semester going so far, Chris?

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