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Spring ’16 Roster

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Once you make your website, leave Your Name and Your URL as a comment on this page. I’ll add you to the roster. After that, you don’t have to “turn in” your 3 weekly blog posts, you just post them and I’ll go find them each week.

  1. Aaron Dela Rosa
  2. Aaron Satterfield
  3. Aaron Valenzuela
  4. Adilene Leon
  5. Alanna Godinez
  6. Alexander Lucero
  7. Alfonso Madrigal
  8. Alyssa Castro
  9. Amber Bolden
  10. Andrew Andrade
  11. Andrew Hana
  12. Annie Ronning
  13. Anthony Estalilla
  14. Anthony Sanchez
  15. Ashley Batres
  16. Bez Middleton
  17. Bianca Dominguez
  18. Brandon Nhem
  19. Brianna “Breezy” Hastie
  20. Carlos Cucufate
  21. Carlos Marvin Madrigal
  22. Carlos Nava
  23. Cassandra Topete
  24. Catherine Chin
  25. Charles Watson
  26. Cheryl Peng
  27. Christian Aguirre
  28. Christine Kim
  29. Christopher Chadwick
  30. Christopher “Morgan” Moore
  31. Christopher Williams
  32. Ciprian Robielos
  33. Colleen Siongco
  34. Crysta Tim
  35. Cynthia L. Esquivias
  36. Daniel J. Bursch
  37. Daniella Galindo
  38. Danielle Garcia
  39. David Brown
  40. Destiny Farihi
  41. Devon Carus
  42. Dominique Gomez
  43. Dorothyrose McMahon
  44. Eduardo (Eddie) Castillo
  45. Elidia Ramirez
  46. Eli Yee
  47. Elizabeth Moledo
  48. Enrique Plascencia
  49. Enrique Vega
  50. Erick Diaz
  51. Florenz Baltazar
  52. FNU Ooi Jing Huan
  53. Francesca Butler
  54. Francisco Miranda
  55. Gabriela Hernandez
  56. Gina Householder
  57. Glenda Castillo
  58. Greg Plantenga
  59. Haley Anderson
  60. Hannah Mandias
  61. Helen Lee
  62. Hilario Saucedo
  63. Hunter Mervosh
  64. Jamie Filosa
  65. Jayson Fields
  66. Jazlyn Tabar
  67. Jennifer Garcia
  68. Jennifer Lee
  69. Jerry Pleitez
  70. Jessica Addonizio
  71. Jesus Viramontes
  72. Jhonatan Ramos
  73. John Stouras
  74. Jonathan Behzadian
  75. Joshua Hyun
  76. Julio Garcia
  77. Justin Marquez
  78. Katherine Pantoja
  79. Katherine Shinno
  80. Kimberly Gutierrez
  81. Kordell Tan
  82. Kyle Shishido
  83. Kyu Lee
  84. Lainie Le
  85. Leah Perez
  86. Leon A Phung
  87. Leslie Echiveste
  88. Lorena Rubalcava
  89. Madison Braverman
  90. Maison Chiu
  91. Margarita Reyna
  92. Maria Barreda
  93. Marlon Fernandes
  94. Martin Diaz
  95. Marylin Try
  96. Megan Stevens
  97. Meng Chu
  98. Mia Miller
  99. Molly Poyer
  100. Nancy Tran
  101. Natalie Guevara
  102. Ngozi Ekwedike
  103. Nicole Chovit
  104. Oscar Alvarez
  105. Patrick Dong
  106. Peter Bay
  107. Ramtin Yousefi
  108. RaVen Montgomery
  109. Rebekah Johnson
  110. Regan Kate Cameron
  111. Rejina Hernandez
  112. Reuben Dyce
  113. Rosa Velazquez
  114. Sam Tan
  115. Shannon McGuinness
  116. Shayenne Prasad
  117. Symone Pallett
  118. Tareena Woods
  119. Tiffany Tran
  120. Tiffany Van Gilder
  121. Tyler Kedis
  122. Valentina Ramirez
  123. Valerie Laslo
  124. Vanessa Betancourt
  125. William Luna
  126. Xiomara Brenes

Have a great semester everyone!


Velen Garcia & Jennifer Rodriguez
Velen Garcia & Jennifer Rodriguez


158 responses to “Spring ’16 Roster”

  1. Mia Miller Avatar
    Mia Miller

    Stelarc was very experimental and done things no one had really done before. He shows things that you don’t want to look at but can’t look away.
    Francesca Woodman was very open, she showed us what she thinks of the world and her self because her pictures are a reflection of herself.

    Mia Miller
    Zak Minert
    Christopher Moore
    Francisco Miranda
    Carlos Nava
    Raven Montgomery

  2. elidiar Avatar

    Hi, I’m Elidia Ramirez and my URL is

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Thanks Elida! You’re on the roster!! 🙂

      How’s your semester looking? Taking anything good?

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Thanks Tyler!
      You’re on the roster!
      Have a great semester!

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Thanks Regan!
      Good start!
      What else are you taking this semester?

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Thanks Elizabeth!
      You’re on the roster!
      Any idea what you’re going to do for the Landscapes with a Corpse project? (aka “Morbid Selfies”! 😛

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Thanks Christopher!
      Off to a good start!
      See you tomorrow!

  3. Christopher Moore Avatar

    I’m Christopher Moore from your Tuesday/Thursday 11 AM Art 110 course and my URL is

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Hey Christopher!
      You’re on the roster!
      Have a great semester!

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Hi Amber Bolden Images!
      You’re a photographer?
      What do you like to shoot?
      What camera do you use?

      1. Amber Bolden Avatar

        Hi Glenn!

        Yes I am! I currently shoot just everything that interest me but I’ve been currently on the fashion editorial outlook. I used a Canon T5, which recently broke but I plan on getting it fixed and getting a T5i.

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Thanks Greg!
      You’re on the roster!
      Taking anything good this semester?

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Great Maison!
      You’re on the roster!
      Here’s to a good semester!

  4. cynthiaalizette Avatar

    Hello! My name is Cynthia L. Esquivias and my URL is:

  5. jamiefilosa Avatar

    Hi I’m Jamie Filosa and this is my URL

  6. Alfonso Avatar

    Hi my name is Alfonso Madrigal and this is my url

  7. ravenmontgomery Avatar

    Hi I’m RaVen Montgomery and this is my URL

  8. Aaron Dela Rosa Avatar

    Hi, my name is Aaron Dela Rosa. My webpage is
    Hope to have a great semester!
    PS: My background design is an old original art piece back from AP Art.

  9. Hilario Saucedo Avatar

    Whats up, My name is Hilario Saucedo and this is my URL

  10. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks Megan, Cynthia, Anthony, Jamie, Alfonso, RaVen, Aaron & Hilario!
    You’re all on the roster – good job!
    Have you guys thought about what you’re going to do for the Landscapes with a Corpse Art Experience yet?

    Awesome Aaron – that’s from your AP Art Class? Very cool! 🙂
    Is it photography + Photoshop? Or?

    See you all in the morning!
    LMK if you have any questions.
    Have a great semester!

    1. Aaron Dela Rosa Avatar

      It’s only photoshop. I took an image and altered it with multiple layers!

      1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

        Great Aaron!

        I wonder if we could do a project like yours?
        There are a few machines on campus with Photoshop, but most of the computer lab machines don’t have it… we could use the Free & Open PS alternative GIMP, but that might be too much to expect everyone to set it up. Maybe some sort of free photo manipulation website… ?

  11. Maria Barreda Avatar

    Hello I’m Maria Barreda and my URL is

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Thanks Maria! You’re on the roster! Hope you have a great semester here at The Beach! LMK if you have any questions! 🙂

  12. rebekahhjohnson Avatar

    Hello I’m Rebekah Johnson and my URL is , looking forward to the semester!

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Great Rebekah!
      You’re on the roster.
      I’m looking forward to the semester too! 🙂
      Will you be able to go over to the Seal Beach Pier next Thursday?

  13. ngoziekwedike Avatar

    Hi I’m Ngozi Ekwedike and my URL is 🙂

  14. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks Jayson & Ngozi – you’re on the roster!
    See you in the morning!

  15. gabrielahblog Avatar

    Hey I’m Gabriela Hernandez and my url is

  16. brandonnhem Avatar
  17. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Great Gabriela & Brandon!
    You’re on the roster!
    LMK if you have any questions about anything.
    Looking forward to a great semester! 😀

  18. colleensiongco Avatar

    Hi! My name is Colleen Siongco and my url is

  19. aasatt Avatar

    Aaron Satterfield – Aaron’s Art Experience

  20. Sam Tan Avatar
    Sam Tan

    Hello I’m Sam Tan and my URL is

  21. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks Colleen, Aaron & Sam!
    You’re on the roster!
    From now on you just post pieces to your site (by 11:59pm on Sunday) and I’ll go find them. This is the last think you have to “turn in” this semester! Well, you have to turn in a card at the final… but we’ll get to that in a few months!

    Which of the Art Experiences sounded the most interesting to you?

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Great Cheryl!
      You’re on the roster!
      Taking any other interesting classes this semester?

  22. Cassandra Topete Avatar
    Cassandra Topete

    Hi my name is Cassandra Topete, here is my URL

  23. jerrypleitez26 Avatar
  24. Lainie Le Avatar
    Lainie Le

    Hi, I’m Lainie Le and my URL is

  25. Florenz Baltazar Avatar
    Florenz Baltazar

    Hi, I’m Florenz Baltazar and here is my URL, . 🙂

  26. Tiffany Van Gilder Avatar
    Tiffany Van Gilder

    Hi! I’m Tiffany Van Gilder and my URL is

  27. Peter Bay Avatar

    Hi Prof. ! I’m Peter Bay and here’s my URL

  28. Justin Marquez Avatar

    HI Prof, I’m Justin Marquez and this is my URL

  29. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Cassandra, Jerry, Lainie, Florenz, Tareena, Tiffany, Peter & Justin – Thank you! You’re on the roster now!
    LMK if you have any questions about anything.
    I hope you have a great time in Art110 this semester!

  30. Group Members: Braverman,Madison Brenes,Xiomara Bursch,Daniel Butler,Francesca Cameron ,Regan Carus,Devon Avatar
    Group Members: Braverman,Madison Brenes,Xiomara Bursch,Daniel Butler,Francesca Cameron ,Regan Carus,Devon

    Happy Thursday! My name is Madison Braverman and my url is

  31. valcat17 Avatar

    Hi my name is Valerie Laslo and my url

  32. Aaron Valenzuela Avatar
  33. annieronning Avatar

    Hi, I’m Annie Ronning and my website is

  34. destinyfarihi Avatar

    Good Morning! My name is Destiny Farihi and my url is

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    Hi my name is Marylin Try and my URL is

  36. jonathanbehzadian Avatar
  37. Ramtin Yousefi Avatar
    Ramtin Yousefi

    Hi my name is Ramtin Yousefi and my URL is

  38. jingghuann Avatar
  39. Shayenne Prasad Avatar
    Shayenne Prasad

    Hi my name is Shayenne Prasad, here is my URL

  40. nancytrann Avatar

    Hi my name is Nancy Tran and my URL is

  41. Lorena Rubalcava Avatar
    Lorena Rubalcava

  42. Danielle Garcia Avatar

    Hi, I’m Danielle Garcia & my URL is 🙂

  43. Christian Avatar

    Christian Aguirre

  44. nekohy Avatar

    Hello! I’m Catherine Chin and this is my website

  45. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks everybody!
    Everyone above this comment is now on the roster!
    LMK if you have questions about anything.
    Have a great weekend!!

  46. Katherine Pantoja Avatar
    Katherine Pantoja
  47. Gina Householder Avatar
  48. DevonDigsDirection Avatar
  49. DevonDigsDirection Avatar

    Devon Carus is my full name, btw

  50. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Awesome Vanessa, Ashley, Katherine, Joshua, Gina & Devon – you’re on the roster!
    Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for the “Morbid Selfie” project!

    Shout if you have any questions about anything, and have a great weekend!!

  51. katherineshinno Avatar

    Hi I’m Katherine Shinno. 🙂 Here’s my url:

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Thanks Katherine – you’re on the roster!
      What else are you taking this semester?

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Great Chris!
      You’re on the roster now!
      What do you think your favorite Art110 Art Experience will be this semester?

  52. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Got it Enrique & Charles – TY!!

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Thanks Julio! You’re on the roster! Hope you have a great semester!! (and a nice weekend too! 🙂

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Great Ciprian! You’re on the roster!
      Taking any cool classes this semester?

  53. eliyee Avatar

    Hey it’s Elijah Yee, but i like to go by Eli. I’m in your Tues./Thurs. class @ 11am. Thanks!

  54. Molly Poyer Avatar

    Hi, I’m Molly Poyer and my website is

  55. Helen Lee Avatar

    Hello! My name is Helen Lee and my website is

  56. Leah Perez Avatar

    Hello!!! I am Leah Perez and my website is

  57. hannibeary Avatar

    Hi Glenn! My name is Hannah Mandias and this is my website’s URL:

  58. xiobrenes Avatar

    Hello! I’m Xiomara Brenes and my website is

  59. Jennifer Garcia Avatar
    Jennifer Garcia

    Hi, my name is Jennifer Garcia and my website is

  60. glendacastilloblog Avatar
  61. adileneleon Avatar

    Hi, I’m Adilene Leon I changed my site address so here is my new one

  62. Hunter Mervosh Avatar

    Hunter Mervosh

  63. Tiffany Tran Avatar

    Hello my name is Tiffany and here is my url:

  64. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks everyone above this comment – you’re on the roster – yay!
    Got it Adilene! URL Updated! The new one is much better! 😀

    See y’all on Tuesday!
    Shout if you have any questions about anything!

  65. anth0nythefirst Avatar

    I’m Anthony Estalilla and my URL is

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  69. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks everyone!
    Everyone above this comment is now on the roster – yippie!
    Shout if you have any questions.
    See you Tuesday!!

  70. Carlos Marvin Madrigal Avatar

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    My name is Leon A Phung
    sorry for the late post.

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    Hi! I’m Brianna Hastie also known as Breezy! 🙂

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    Merry Sunday! My name is Kyle Shishido and here is my URL

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    Hi!:) my name is Daniella Galindo, this is my URL

  77. Kimberly Gutierrez Avatar
    Kimberly Gutierrez

    Hi my name is Kimberly Gutierrez, here’s my link: figured I’d attach the assignment as well

  78. annieronning Avatar

    Group 2:
    Annie Ronning
    Alyssa Castro
    Amber Bolden
    Andrew Andrade
    Anthony Estalilla
    Alfonso Madrigal

    After discussion, our interpretation of the artist Mona Hatoum is that some of her pieces resemble the human body in the way that there are bursts of the color red throughout her work. Many of her sculptures had a dark outside and a bright red focus, this could represent the human body because of the bold color of blood. We also discussed that many of her pieces are kitchen utensils, which could represent the concept of stereotypical gender roles of women.

    The artist Anish Kapoor had many sculptures that had reflection as its focus. We believe that his sculptures have the purpose of manipulating the way one’s reflection can be bent, changed, distorted, and interpreted.

    Both sculptures were very interesting to look at and they were enjoyable to discuss.

  79. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Everyone above this comment is on the roster – thank you!

  80. fahrenheit393 Avatar

    Sean Hernandez – – I added the class last week. Sorry for adding it so late.

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