CSULB Art110 Students on the stage in UT-108

Spring 14 Activities

CSULB Art110 Students on the stage in UT-108


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Each week you will make 3 blog posts and answer clicker questions on 2 videos. Blog posts due by 11:59pm on Sunday. Clicker questions in class the following Tuesday.


Activities, Artist Interviews & Classmate Interviews will be evaluated as posts on your blog.
• Details at: ePortfolio


Video Lectures & Video Artist-of-the-Week will be evaluated using iClicker. YOU get to write the questions! (for EC points) In class, everybody who answers an opinion question gets points for it. Everybody who Correctly answers an objective question gets points for it.
Objective Questions have correct answers that can be found in the videos.
Opinion Questions ask for student opinions based on the ideas in the videos.

Info on writing clicker questions is here.

Interview with a Student Artist

Every week you’ll be visiting the CSULB School of Art Galleries. I hope you really enjoy this. It’s a chance to see what other students your own age are thinking about. Each week the 5 School of Art galleries have new shows. You can take a look at the 4-5 student exhibitions, pick the one you find most compelling, and find the artist (they’re usually around.) This can be a simple, short interview. But be sure to be respectful of them. Don’t do a “fly-by,” spend a few minutes and try to ask them a couple of insightful questions:

  • Take a picture with them and/or their work
  • Use their Full Name
  • Link to their website

Interview with a Classmate

Art110 is a big class and it can be hard to meet people. But building a network of your peers is one of the most important things you’ll do at CSULB. So each week find an Art110 classmate that you haven’t met yet and have a little conversation with them. Talk about their major, their interests, and their thoughts about art:

  • Take a picture with them
  • Use their Full Name
  • Link to their website


Week 1: ePortfolio

Week 2: Vlogs

Week 3: Instagram

Week 4: LACMA

Week 5: Landscapes with a Corpse

Week 6: Counterfactual Identity

Week 7: Interview w/ Avatar Artist

Week 8: Plaster Casting

Week 9: Drawing

Week 10: Painting

Week 11: Student Choice

Week 12: One More

Week 13-15: Optional P11 or P12 Presentations


  • Mystery Project
  • Clicker Questions! – If you don’t click @Final, you don’t get points!
  • Potluck?

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Final: Attend, Participate, Click![/box]


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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