Rethinking Pedagogy Results

Rethinking Pedagogy Results

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over 100 Scantron 882-E forms taped to a 40-foot-wide white board. Each scantron form is used as a canvas or drawing paper on which each artist has created a unique and personal  graphic or image
Our Scantron Midterm!

Rethinking Pedagogy: Great News

Great news, everyone!
I finally had a chance to take all of your 882-E Forms over to AS-120 and run them through the scoring machine. You’ll be thrilled to know that everybody in the class aced it!

You all got perfect scores!
Great work, everyone!!

Good Discussion

Thank you all for a good discussion on Rethinking Pedagogy Day. In researching Standardized Testing, I found that one student complaint was only getting back the bubble-in form and not the questions. So, in an attempt not to repeat that mistake (and even though you all got an awesome 100%) here are the questions we had:

  1. What is the essence of creativity?
  2. Is creativity part of human nature or is it something that must be learned and nurtured?
  3. Is not being afraid to fail an essential aspect of creativity?
  4. How does creativity differ from inspiration?
  5. How much is intuition part of how you work?
  6. Do you resist following your instincts?
  7. Is inspiration irrational?
  8. If so, how can you be more irrational?
  9. How can we free our minds so that inspiration can happen?
  10. Can inspiration be found in obsession?
  11. What is your obsession?
  12. Does inspiration come to you without questioning it?
  13. Is inspiration an ongoing process?
  14. Is imagination more important than knowledge?
  15. Is imagination the beginning of creation?
  16. Why do you do what you do?
  17. Why is what you do worth doing?
  18. Do you ask enough questions, or do you settle for what you know?
  19. Which is worse: failing or never trying?
  20. If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make them?
  21. If life is so short, why do we do so many things that we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do?
  22. Does the ‘new norm’ of constant change require that we master ‘perpetual transformation’?
  23. If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?
  24. When all is said and done, will you have said more than you have done?

Ezra Petronio
— Editorial, Self Service magazine, Spring/Summer 2012

Helpful Links

Here are some links that might help you do further research on Rethinking Pedagogy:


Here are a few samples of your work:

photo of scantron 882-e forms folded into various origami shapes including several origami cranes and other shapes
Origami – various artists
Allison Sanchez' Scantron Midterm for LBSU Art 110. Sanchez uses the length of the Scantron form to draw hand and arm against a dense pencil texture background
Allison Sanchez
Veronica Malgonzo's Scantron 882-E Scantron Midterm showing an Earth globe and s stream of stars like the milky way falling off the globe
Veronica Maglonzo
Hunter Dennis' Scantron Midterm featuring a grid of lines and detalis of an eye, nose, and mouth
Hunter Dennis
Scantron Form No. 882-E used as an art canvas. Artist and filmmaker Marie Kili has used the scantron grid to bubble in the letters "KUNST" and added an array of hearts and stars
Marie Kili
Long Beach State University, College of the Arts, School of Art, Introduction to the Visual Arts. Student artist Katelyn Tran's Scantron midterm featuring the word "Hello" as bubbled in with the Scantron grid on an 882-E form
Katelyn Tran
artist and filmmaker Hope Kindred uses a Scantron 882-E form as a grid to write "Empower the World" across the length of the form
Hope Kindred
Artist Kimberly Galvez' Scantron 882-E midterm where she has used the grid and the length of the form to draw a picture of a slightly mechanical person with long, flowing hair
Kimberly Galvez
Scantron 882-E Midterm exam by Erasto Peralta. In this midterm/artwork Peralta has used the grid of the scantron form to bubble in the word "FAIL!"
Erasto Peralta
Vaesala Lesatele's scantron midterm. Here, Vaesala Lesatele has drawn over the entire length of a Scantron 882-E form. Her drawing resembles a topographic map or a geographic chart of elevation or hydration, but in fact the drawing is the symbols "A+" drawn over and over and shaded in with #2 pencil
Vaesala Lesatele
The front of Nicolas Jordan's Scantron Midterm featuring the word "Sponge" bubbled in on the Scantron Grid. Not pictured is the back of the form which features the word "Bob" and a scantron-grid-bubbled Sponge Bob character drawing
Nicolas Jordan
Cris Molina's Scantron Midterm. In this drawing Molina uses the length of a scantron 882-e form to do a drawing of a woman with wide, flowing hair. The drawing is in orange and blue hiliter
Cris Molina
In Kyla Johnson's Scantron midterm, there  is the word "Hear?" bubbled in on the grid of a Scantron 882-E form. Next to the word is a schematic drawing of an ear composed of cells on the scantron grid
Kyla Johnson
dancer Kaelie Osorio's scantron midterm. On a Scantron 882-E form Osorio draws a tree and a large, "S" and then writes at the bottom, "I've always wanted to do this"
Kaelie Osorio
For her scantron midterm, Totyana "Toty" Tottress draws a large pair of eyes on a Scantron 882-E form. Next to the eyes Tottress draws a color field grid composed of cells on the scantron form
Totyana “Toty” Tottress
Jake Kleimann's Scantron midterm for Art 110: Introduction to the visual arts. Kleimann draws a lighthouse on the Scantron 882-E form, and then across the length of the form Kleimann depicts rolling waves and ocean currents
Jake Kleimann
Jeff Vintimilla's scantron midterm featuring a happy face with big teeth on the scantron grid and a text passage on the green stripes on the edge of the form, "Art is art. Art can be anything and everything. A person can appreciate anything in an artistic way. Art unites and divides people. There is art about facts and opinions. There are facts and opinions about art. But most importantly art is an outlet for people to let out their creativity and passion.
Jeff Vintimilla

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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