photograph of trinkets inside an Altoids tin

Glenn’s Geocaches!

photograph of trinkets inside an Altoids tin
Initial contents of cache located at CSULB

It’s Game Design II > Location Based Gaming > Alternate Reality Gaming > Geocaching this week in Summer Art110! I’ve placed a couple of caches, one on the CSULB Campus and one at the Newport Aquatic Center. If you’re on the CSULB campus, or in the Newport Beach vicinity, come visit! You can grab a mobile app for your phone at and check them out:

The cache at both locations is in a Magnetic Altoids Tin. The NAC Coordinates should take you right to the spot. At CSULB the GPS signal was a little weaker at the exact point, so these coordinates should take you to a point 20 feet away from the cache. Both shouldn’t be too hard to find, and if you scroll all the way down to “hints” it should be very easy. But maybe too easy. Up to you! 😀

photo of the Newport "Back Bay" featuring water, shore, sky, and clouds
The Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve

The Art110 Game Deisgn > Location Based Gaming > Alternate Reality Gaming > Geocaching page is here:

plan illustration of CSULB Jack Rose Track Stadium
Long Beach State’s new Jack Rose Track Stadium

Hints (Spoilers!)

Scroll at your own risk! 😛

pictures of the cache location under the ramp
Newport Aquatic Center Cache
picture of the CSULB geocache under a sign at the CSULB Parking Structure 1

Find My Cache!

So far – Friday 6 Nov ’15 – 40 peeps have logged visits to the CSULB Track Cache, and 10 have logged visits to the Aquatic Center. So far no one has posted pix at the Aquatic Center, but there are a few pix uploaded from CSULB Track:

Geocacher holding an Altoids tin


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