Art 110 students in Psychology-150 on the 1st day of Fall Semester, 2018

Fall ’18 Materials

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  • There is no paper textbook to buy.
  • Your smartphone is your textbook.


These materials should be available at any art store. The LBSU Art Store is in FA3.  
photo of 3x5 index cards


  • 4×6 index cards – not 3×5 and not paper, please use 4×6 index cards


MH 1: Plaster Casting

  1. 4# Box of Plaster of Paris – Any Hardware store
  2. Metal Hand Shovel – plastic shovels suck, metal shovels are expensive, but Daiso has metal shovels for $1.50! 😀
  3. Bucket – steal from mom ‘n dad or split one at Hardware store with classmate
  4. Stir Stick – free at Hardware store, just ask at paint counter (a free 5-gallon stir stick is even better than a 1-gallon)
  5. Cheap 1″ paint brush (optional) don’t need this, but most students like to brush sand off their finished casting

MH 2: Sketching

  • Unlined paper, the bigger the better
  • Pencil. Have fun with a better than the everyday pencil. The greatest pencil I’ve ever used is the Draughting pencil. A lot of peeps love the legendary Blackwing pencil. Both are available in the LBSU Art Store in FA3. Or at your local art store.

Chart showing different widths of Montana Gold spray paint system

MH 3: Graffiti Writing

MH 4: Finger Painting

  • 22×30″ sheet of Rives BFK White
  • Any 3 non-toxic, washable, acrylic paints, only need very small quantities

a couple finger painting

LD 1: Life Design

  • pencil, paper
  • or computer software
  • or whatever you want to use

LD 2: ePortfolio

Use any web platform of your choice.

  • Wix – best for most students
  • Squarespace – some people love
  • Medium – great if you’re a writer
  • WordPress – my personal favorite

You can use any platform you like. Wix seems to be the easiest, best, and cheapest for students. You can use the “freemium” ($0) version for now. If you later are on a job hunt and want to turn the ads off & get your custom URL, then you could optionally pay them at that time.

LD 3-4: Environmental Portraits & Vlogs

  • If you can find someone with a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera, that’d be awesome!
  • Or… your Phone Camera will be fine!
  • Any optional props/locations you’d like to use for your photos.
  • Video: Upload to YouTube
  • or Vimeo, & “embed” on your site

SC 1-2: Student Choice & One More

  • Up to you
  • whatever you need to realize your vision

Other Materials

Whatever materials you might need to realize your vision on various Activities. Mostly no-cost or low-cost stuff you can find around the house.

Art 110 students in Psychology-150 on the 1st day of Fall Semester, 2018
Psy-150, 27 August ’18


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