Glenn and students sitting on a sofa in the CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery

Fall ’15 Question OTW

Glenn and students sitting on a sofa in the CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery
What emotion does the color Red bring up for you?

Hi guys!

This is the place to suggest Questions of-the-week for our Classmate Conversations. Just drop your question suggestions as comments here and each week we’ll pick one! It’ll be great if your questions have some Art aspect to them.

Thanks Aron Chek for making this page happen!


12 responses to “Fall ’15 Question OTW”

  1. jennrod Avatar

    Question OTW:
    How does your favorite color help describe your personality?

  2. jennrod Avatar

    Question OTW:
    If you could dye your hair a certain crazy color, which color would it be and why?

  3. jennrod Avatar

    Question OTW:
    Research implies that when you see the color yellow, it makes humans hungry. What’s your favorite bite to snack on when this happens?

  4. jennrod Avatar

    Question OTW:
    What’s your favorite color? Would you paint a room in your house that color? How does that color make you feel?

  5. jennrod Avatar

    Question OTW:
    Research says that red light is soothing for chickens. It helps them to calm down, sleep better, and avoid cannibalism and pecking problems.
    What is YOUR soothing color? Why?

  6. jennrod Avatar

    Question OTW:
    Recent discovery shows that colors affect the way we taste foods. For instance, an orange or creme-colored cup definitely makes chocolate taste better than in any other cup with a different color. Do you agree? How does your favorite color cup make your coffee or tea or chocolate taste? A lot better?

  7. jennrod Avatar

    After visiting the galleries and seeing different art work, how does anything you see in this work of art remind you of something else you have seen or experienced?

  8. teyyim Avatar

    If you can travel to any country in the world, where would it be? and why?

  9. Jasmynn Nguyen Avatar
    Jasmynn Nguyen

    After visiting many galleries and seeing the artists different art pieces, what is your favorite type (paintings, sculptures, installations, etc.) and why?

  10. knpham Avatar

    Tattoos is basically art, so if you could/would get a tattoo, what would it be?

    1. briannablogg Avatar

      I like that question!!:)

  11. briannablogg Avatar

    If you could eat 1 food for the rest of your life. What would it be and why?

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