Public Knowledge, Session 4: Creating Visuals, Telling Your Story in a 60-90 sec video

CSULB's Susan C. Mills speaking in the CSULB Hall of Science. She is in front of a projection screen and next to a podium
Susan C. Mills speaking at Public Knowledge: Media Training Workshop, Session 4

Successful videos we’ve had:

Dr. Ted Stankowich – Broll: Why some Mammals ave evolved with body armor, quills & sprays

Long Beach State University Art Museum “FAR−SITED: Sculpture Symposia 1965/2015″


Working on Videos

Kyle Moore (video) / Angela Yim (publicist)

Alyssa Clevenstine in the CSULB Shark Lab
Alyssa Clevenstine
  • Alyssa ClevenstineGiant Sea Bass
Vivi Goh in a CSULB computer lab
Vivi Goh

  • Glenn ZucmanReal Lessons from Fake Universities

Me typing random stuff for broll:
Very successful session today. And now everybody’s hungry and wants muffins! Or lunch. Or something. Or other. Can we try that one more time? Ok. Thank you. Next week – big finish!!! Where is the broll? Where are the cool charts and graphs? What’s for lunch? Watch me type. I type very nice. Or at least decent. Sorta. How long should I type? No one knows. This does’t actually count, does it? I hope not. Or maybe it does. Or something. Anyway, education should be tailored to the student. No more size 2, 4, 6 only. Now designed for YOU!

animated gif of a video interview in the CSULB Shark Lab
animated gif of Alyssa’s interview courtesy of Ms. Google.

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?