photo of a young woman teaching small children about a large painting on the wall

Teach One

Banner for Art110, Fall 2014

Watch One

From watching any of the many Doctor / Hospital shows on TV you might know that a famous slogan about new doctors learning new medical procedures is

Watch one; do one; teach one.

photo of "student" teaching "teacher" with a tablet

As a patient it might be a little unsettling to realize that the young doctor performing a procedure on you may only ever have seen this done once before. But as a formula for learning, it’s brilliant:

  1. Here’s something new: it goes like this.
  2. Go ahead, try it.
  3. Great, now really make it yours by teaching someone else.

Do One

In the past 11 weeks you’ve tried “Doing One” in all sorts of media: from websites to graffiti writing to plaster casting at the beach to imagining your own demise. Beyond Art110 you’ve been doing new things all your life. And now as our final Activity for Art110, it’s time to Teach One.

photo of teacher and student working on a large painting on the ground

Teach One

You can teach any art idea or technique. Any way that you want. And you don’t have to be an expert. But you should spend a little time thinking about what the easiest & clearest way to communicate it to your audience will be.

You might choose from our 1st 11 Activities: maybe Plaster Casting or Graffiti Writing or Web Design or anything else. Maybe your Activity 11: Your Choice project will be good. You could also teach about any Art History idea, or Art Concept, or about any artist. It’d be awesome to do a little something on one of the SOA artists you really liked this semester. Or a local artist you know. Or perhaps a famous dead artist from long ago. You can also teach any other art idea or medium or technique you like.

photo of a young woman teaching small children about a large painting on the wall

You don’t have to make a video. Although video is a pretty good way to show a lot of things. (notice the millions of “how 2” videos on YouTube) You could also use text, photos, illustrations, whatever best lets you share something you know a little about with someone else.


Thank you to these wonderful artists for sharing their work with a Creative Commons license on Flickr!


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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