Introduction to the Visual Arts


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triptych of SnapChat screen caps

triptych of SnapChat screen caps

1. Draw

Our mission this week is to try some Drawing & Sharing with Snapchat. Anytime during our Gallery Day on Thursday, please do 2 “Snapchat Drawings”. By Snapchat Drawing all I really mean is to take a snap of anything: A Street Scene, A Selfie, The SOA Galleries, whatever you like, and then use the Snapchat drawing and text tools to “illustrate” it. You might color things that are in the photo, or you might draw in whole new elements that aren’t there. Have fun!

2. Connect

Please leave your Snapchat username in a comment on this post. As always, you can use your “real” Snapchat, or you can make a special one just for Art110, whatever you prefer. Then follow a bunch of peeps from the comments here. You don’t necessarily have to follow everyone, but try to follow a bunch.

3. Share

On Thursday, post your 2 drawings and any other snaps to your Story and to any peeps you choose. Take screen shots of your 2 drawings and of drawings from 2 other peeps. Snap and share as much as you can today!

4. Blog

In your write-up post your 4 pix: 2 by you and 2 from classmates. Then analyze the Snapchat experience.

Throughout history artists have had “dialogs” with each other. Matisse and Picasso “spoke” through a series of paintings; the book I Send You this Cadmium Red chronicles an exchange of letters between John Berger and John Christie. Do you think your Snapchat “dialog” with an Art110 classmate shares any of the qualities of these famous conversations?



Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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