Introduction to the Visual Arts

One More

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Try it One More time!

In your previous Art 110 Art Activities you’ve tried a lot of different things.

Our last Activity, One More, is your chance to pick any one of your past Art Activities and go deeper.

  • Choose a project that’s relevant to you
  • Do it technically better
  • Develop stronger concepts
  • Create richer aesthetics
  • Use the media to express more personal ideas
  • Or use the media to express ideas on your mind or in our culture at this time


  1. Pick one of your previous Art Activities from Art 110 that you’d like to take further
  2. Do a self-critique of your previous activity: where could you have gone further with technique, aesthetics, or concepts?
  3. Try the activity again. Make it awesome!
  4. Document your activity on your blog.

Discuss on your blog

  1. How you felt about your 1st try with the activity: strengths & weaknesses
  2. Your goals for try #2
  3. How you feel you did with your 2nd attempt

Do your best!

I realize we’ve been at this for months now, and I know it’s tempting to just skate through this last activity. I encourage you to really go for it. Whether you choose some form of personal expression like Finger Painting or a pragmatic tool like ePortfolios, try to really express yourself or really build a useful portfolio, etc.

This is a chance to have fun. Or to build a useful tool for yourself. This is a big y-o-u week! So don’t skate on yourself. Do it awesomely!

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Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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