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Please post your clicker questions on the page for the current week. It’s on the drop-down for the “Clickers” menu! TY!

Every Tuesday in UT-108 we’ll have clicker questions on the Video Lecture & Video Artist of the Week. YOU get to write the questions! (for EC points) You can write 1 Objective question and 1 Opinion question per week for 5 points each. If they’re solid questions! Turn in questions by 11:59pm Sunday night. Be sure to look at the already written questions and write something that hasn’t already been written. If you want to write EC questions, please use all 5 answer possibilities. I’ll select some of them to use in class on Tuesday. If you write a good question, you’ll get EC for it whether or not I use it in class.

Objective Questions have correct answers that can be found in the videos.
Opinion Questions ask for student opinions based on the ideas in the videos.

In class, everybody who answers an opinion question gets points for it. Everybody who Correctly answers an objective question gets points for it.

Sample BAD Question

Week 2: Artist of the Week: Allan Kaprow
Author: Glenn Zucman (your name here)
Opinion Question:
Did you like Allan Kaprow’s work?
a) Yes, it’s cool
b) No, it’s stupid

In general, all questions like Was it interesting?
a) a lot
b) sort of
c) IDK
d) not really
e) I didn’t get it

Are BAD questions. Please try to write questions that explore IDEAS. Please move away from “did you like it.”

Sample GOOD Question

Week 2: Artist of the Week: Allan Kaprow
Author: Glenn Zucman (your name here)
Opinion Question:
What do you think an Allan Kaprow piece like the one Glenn described where you had to unfold all the blades of grass, invites us to think about:
A) to slow down our busy lives
B) to take the time to see the details in the world that we usually miss
C) to find the spiritual in the mundane
D) to show that “Art” doesn’t have to be an expensive object, that it can be a state of mind or way of seeing
E) that not all art must last forever in a museum, that some can be only a moment

Whatever you do, please DO NOT offer choices like I don’t know


  1. Kathleen Van Tran

    Week 2: Reading: Street Art Ch 1
    Author: Kathleen Van Tran
    Objective Question: One of the originators of the tradition of signature graffiti writing:
    A) Cool Earl
    B) Harold
    C) Cornbread
    D) Taki183
    E) Lady Pink

  2. Kathleen Van Tran

    Week 3: Video- Mind In The Cave
    Author: Kathleen Van Tran
    Objective Question: Which of the following caves is not mentioned in the video as one of the four ultra famous caves?

    A) Lascaux
    B) Gouffre Berger
    C) Altamira
    D) Chauvet
    E) Cosquer

  3. Kathleen Van Tran

    Week 3: Video – Ana Mendieta
    Author: Kathleen Van Tran
    Objective Question: What subject does Ana Mendieta’s art work revolve around?

    A) Identity
    B) Interactions with nature
    C) Gender
    D) Photography
    E) All the above

  4. Kolton Cutler

    week 3: a.o.t.w. ana mendieta
    opinion question: What do you believe ana’s main focus with her art was?
    a) finding identity
    b) nature
    c) hiding from reality
    d) laying in mud and catching stuff on fire
    e) creating ephemeral works of art

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