Avatar Interview

This week you will visit the virtual world of “SL” and interview an avatar artist. We have 4 artists with work at “Virtual CSULB” and they’ve each selected a couple of time slots that you can come and talk to them. You only have to go once. Just pick the artists that sounds most interesting to you, or the time slot that works best. Take a look at their website before you go, and come with some questions about their work.

avatars standing in shallow water in front of a large Blue Pyramid, the unofficial architectural logo of CSULB
Artist Misprint Thursday talking with students at virtual CSULB

Friday, March 7

  • 9-10am: Misprint Thursday (3)
  • 11am-Noon: Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield (2)
  • 1-2pm: Betty Tureaud (0)
  • 3-4pm: Isabella Medici (0)
  • 5-6pm: Vanessa Blaylock (1)

Saturday, March 8

  • 9-10am Misprint Thursday (4)
  • 11am-Noon: Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield (2)
  • 1-2pm: Betty Tureaud (3)

Sunday, March 9

  • 9-10am: Isabella Medici (2)
  • 11am-Noon: Vanessa Blaylock (7)

Wednesday, March 12

  • 4-5pm: Misprint Thursday (4)
  • 7-8pm: Isabella Medici (8)
avatars walking on treadmills
Isabella Medici treadmill walking & talking with students at Virtual CSULB


Betty Tureaud

I am from Denmark, an artist in RL and SL. I was educated at the Danish Design School. None of my SL work is transferred in from RL, everything is made in-world. I am a hyper-maniac making all kinds of work in SL.

I love scripting my work for animation. Bright colors are my favorite. A lot of Mexican Indian culture makes me think about color. The colors is so bright, sometimes it chokes your eyes. I also think about Frida Khalo who made wonderful paintings where she expressed her own pain. My work tends to be in a more happy happy style, but I also get my inspiration from the real world.

Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield

Photographer / designer Douglas Story & builder / scripter Desdemona Enfield have created numerous experiences in 3D virtual worlds. Their works often appear at college and new media sites in virtual worlds. They have worked with artists, mathematicians, physicists, architects, educators, and product developers.

Isabella Medici

In my work I try to connect Renaissance Humanism and Contemporary Cyberculture. My current projects are Izzy’s Gym and Medici University. I am amazed by this 21st century moment of abundance, yet also puzzled by how detached our bodies and minds seem to be. Both our work and play are from chairs parked in front of flat-screens. We pursue education not for its spiritual or pragmatic values, but for grades and pieces of paper (diplomas). With the Gym and the University I hope to resuscitate our humanity: body & soul.

Misprint Thursday

I have a background in printmaking and my current work specializes in interactive media and scripted art. I am very interested in communication and some of my pieces respond to phone calls, text, instant messages and select social media. Paradoxically, I am not personally a huge fan of social media and I tend to be shy about marketing my work. This parallels with the idea of my work being intimate in many ways and because of that I enjoy sharing it in person. Much of my work is generated through collaboration and results in music, video, scripted art, digital performance, collage, sculpture and painting. My work forms in both poetic and structured ways and the end piece tends to be a condensed emotive unit. A lot of my work is published under the digital identity Misprint Thursday.

Vanessa Blaylock

Between 2009 & 2013 Vanessa Blaylock Company created 50 VR performance artworks considering identity and virtual bodies in cyberspace. The focus of VBCO has now shifted from Virtual Performance Art to Virtual Public Art. In the post Street Art & Improv Everywhere era Public Art has moved beyond heroic sculptures in plazas to invitations for participatory experiences that engage public space and public life. With this new series of Virtual Public Artworks VBCO hopes to invite participants in cyberculture to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

Getting There

  • Make a free SL account: SecondLife.com
  • Download SL Viewer (Win / Mac / Lin)
  1. Bring Up “MAP” Control-M, or World Menu >> World Map
  2. Search for “CSULB” Region
  3. Teleport there and visit with artist at scheduled times.

image showing the "map" in SL


2 responses to “Avatar Interview”

  1. Misprint Thursday Avatar

    Hi guys, thanks for the ones who have already visited some work in Second Life. Do take some time to check out the work there because it has a lot of relevance to digital identity, pixelated art forms and media art. I have enjoyed talking to the students I have met so far.

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Thank you so much for your hospitality and for the remarkable work and ideas you’ve been sharing with us Misprint!

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