Wk 12 – New Friends

Dwelling, 360-degree view, BFA Thesis Exhibition, Heather Anacker & Krista Feld, March 2013.

What’s Due?

Wk 12 – This Week

  • Artist 4/4
  • Art Activity
  • BB Discussion

Wk 13

  • Ideas Essay 2/2
  • Art Activity
  • BB Discussion

Wk 14

  • Art Activity
  • BB Discussion

Wk 15

  • Art Activity
  • BB Discussion


  • Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020, 2:45 – 4:45 pm
  • Potluck
  • Art Activity
  • Show What you made
  • DJ?

Wk 12 – Art Activity – New Friends

Last week I was shocked, but not surprised to learn that 100% of you say you have made “no new friends” in the past 11 weeks at LBSU. That’s amazing! In a normal F2F semester you would have met many more classmates. It seems that the pandemic has frozen our lives and our personal networks in place.

There’s no simple way to “solve” that, but this week we will try an Art Activity that takes a look at connecting to others in a Pandemic Isolated/Media Connected world.

  • Groups of 2
  • Choose a communications platform – Text, IG-DM, Twitter, eMail, Snap, WhatsApp, Minecraft Meetup, Fortnite, Zoom, Google Hangouts… any platform that both of you like
  • Send your partner a minimum of 2 messages/day. Preferably more.
  • In your messages try to share your life. Your history, interests, thought about Zoom, Pandemics, Lakers, Dodgers, whatever matters to you.
  • In your messages also ask questions about your partner’s life.
  • Over the weekend, make a Free (not pay!) account at padlet.com and make a board for your partner. The board can feature things about their life, things about your life, things you found in common, jokes you shared, whatever you can visually create to document the connection you tried to create with a fellow LBSU student.

Blog it

In your Medium blog post:

  1. Include a link URL to your padlet board
  2. How well did you know your partner before this activity?
  3. How well do you know them now?
  4. Does this seem like a way to make new connections in a time of pandemic isolation?
  5. What is another way you can think of to make new connections in a time of pandemic isolation?
  6. What platform did you use to communicate with your partner? How well did it work? Or not work? What other tool, or type of tool, might have been better?
  7. How did Padlet work for you? Was it easy to use? Did it communicate well? Can you think of another platform that might be better?
  8. What if, instead of meeting classmates, your goal was professional connections? How can you connect to people in your fiend in a time of pandemic isolation?
  9. Title your Medium Post: Wk 12 – Art Activity – New Friends
  10. and, of course, be sure to give your partner the link to the Padlet board you made


As human beings, we are social animals. It is our nature to interact with and connect with others. It is also a professional skill. If the most qualified person for the job is so shy that they can’t confidently look their interviewer in the eye and say why they are the most qualified, the job might go to someone less qualified.

Even without a pandemic hiring has become more and more electronic media based over the years. Your summer internship or your 1st out-of-college job might well be landed through a PDF Resume, Your Website, and some Zoom interviews. The ability to communicate something of yourself to others through electronic media is both a pandemic survival skill and a career enhancement skill.

Dwelling, BFA Thesis Exhibition, Heather Anacker & Krista Feld, March 2013.

Artist OTW

For our final Artist OTW we’re going to go someplace, and see something, that’s impossible to see right now. An LBSU student exhibition at the SOA galleries!

The crown jewel of the LBSU School of Art (SOA) is the 5 art galleries located between buildings FA2 & FA3. In a non-pandemic semester, there are 4 or 5 new shows in these galleries every week of the semester. It’s a fantastic chance to see a lot of diverse work and to get an idea of what your peers in the SOA are thinking about.

There are no exhibitions in the SOA galleries this semester. 🙁

Here’s the next best thing: a video tour of Heather Anacker & Krista Feld’s BFA thesis exhibition Dwelling, in the SOA Gatov Gallery West + Gatov Gallery East. The video should give you some good information on Anacker and Feld and their exhibition Dwelling. You can also look them up online for further information.

  • Be sure to use our Artist Essay template!
  • Name your Medium post: Wk 12 – Artist OTW – Heather Anacker & Krista Feld

BB Discussion

5 bitz as alway! 😀

  • https://bbcsulb.desire2learn.com/d2l/le/603332/discussions/topics/697544/View


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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