Wk 11 – Take II + Artist OTW

Road Ahead

As you know, some weeks we have 2 things due:

  • Art Activity
  • BeachBoard Discussion

and some weeks we have a 3rd thing due:

  • Artist OTW, or
  • Art Ideas Essay

We have a total of 4 Artist OTWs, and 2 Art Ideas Essays. So far we’ve done 2 Artist OTW’s and 1 Ideas essay. Here’s our schedule going forward:

  • Wk 11 – Artist OTW – Choice
  • Wk 12 – Artist OTW – To be announced
  • Wk 13 – only 2 things due
  • Wk 14 – Ideas Essay #2
  • Wk 15 – only 2 things due

After that, all that’s left is our final on:

  • Wednesday, December 16, 2020 – 2:45 – 4:45pm

In finals week there won’t be anything due, except coming to the final and making an in-class activity during the final time. We’ll spend about half our time making something, and the other half taking a look at what peeps created.

Per your in-class vote on Monday, we will have a potluck final! 😀 With an F2F final potluck, we actually get to taste what peeps made. For our Zoom final, we can share visuals and perhaps recipes for whatever we’ll be having.

Due This Week

  1. Art Activity – Student Choice – Part 4 – on Medium
  2. Artist OTW – Student Choice – on Medium
  3. Art Discussionon BeachBoard

Student Choice – Part 4

As you know, in weeks 8, 9 and 10, you have:

  1. Sketched your plan for a significant, personal work of art
  2. Executed that plan to the best of your ability
  3. Created a video critique of 3 of your classmates’ works of art

Following up on Critique Week, this week our mission is to create the piece a second time.

Things to consider:

  1. Craft – how was your technical skill? Strong? Weak? Can you create a more polished, elegant, finely finished work?
  2. Aesthetics – how well did the elements of your piece harmonize to create a piece that is more than a collection of parts. A piece that works well as a whole. A piece where the gestalt of your elements give rise to an experience of visual pleasure in the viewer?
  3. Concepts – how well did your work communicate your intended ideas? Did your class reviewers read your piece they way you had hoped? Or is your work not quite communicating the ideas or perspectives you’d intended?

Note that when I use words like “polished” or “visual pleasure”, that is not to imply that a work needs to be “pretty”. Grunge Rock and Torn Jeans may not be “pretty” in a traditional sense, but if done well, they are compelling examples of style and concept.

Using your own evaluation of how successful you were in terms of Craft, Aesthetics, and Concepts, plus the feedback from your classmates, create a second version of your piece. Focus on whatever you believe needs the most focus.

Blog It

In your Medium post include:

  1. Photos or video of version 1
  2. Photos or video of version 2
  3. What you thought the strengths of 1 were
  4. What you thought the weaknesses of 1 were
  5. Feeback you got from classmates
  6. What you tried to do different this time
  7. How successful do you think your 2nd draft was vs your 1st draft?
  8. Name your Medium post: Wk 11 – Student Choice – Part 4


Artists revise and refine their work. So does almost every professional in every field. As an accountant, you realize that 1 more PowerPoint slide might have clarified something people were confused about and made the difference in your proposal being approved instead of rejected. As a nurse, you discovers an intervention that can improve a patient’s outcome. Analyzing our results and striving to achieve more in the next version is an essential aspect of a successful and satisfying career.

Amanda crying on my bed, Berlin, 1992, Nan Goldin

Artist OTW

To go with our final week of our large, student choice activity, we have a student choice Artist OTW. You can pick any artist you like as long as they meet the following criteria:

  1. No Musicians. Visual Artists, Filmmakers, Fashion Designers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Industrial Designers, Interior Decorators, Architects, Landscape Architects, Dancers, Theatre Artists are all OK. (If you want to do a composer, like Michael Gordon or Philip Glass, ask me.)
  2. Must be a living artist.
  3. Must have enough information about them online for you to to take a good look at their work, their ideas, and the reactions of critics in their field.

After that, it’s our regular 4-paragraph essay:

  1. Be sure to follow our template: https://glenn.zucman.com/i2va/fall20-template/
  2. Be sure to use an Info Block and All 4 Sections. Title each section. Do not combine sections.
  3. Name your Medium post: Wk 11 – Artist OTW – Student Choice

BB Discussion

5 bitz as always!


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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