Month: February 2016

  • Art 111 v2016a

    Art 111 v2016a

    Ongoing revisions of draft for new Art111 Experiencing Art course from the CSU Long Beach’s School of Art

  • Wk 6: Photowalk!

    Wk 6: Photowalk!

    Photowalk this week! Which “guide” will you follow? Bring your phone or “real” camera if you have one. Exercise your creative eye!

  • Of Flat Rubrics & Fake LMS

    Of Flat Rubrics & Fake LMS

    I’m enrolled in a Faculty Learning Community “Critical Thinking through Online/Blended Discussion”. These are my 1st week notes.

  • Wk 5: Cuisine & Beyond!

    Wk 5: Cuisine & Beyond!

    Nice work with painting last week! This week we’re on to Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure. Which will inspire you?

  • Wk 4 Graffiti Writing

    Wk 4 Graffiti Writing

    Nice work drawing with Snapchat last week. Now it’s on to painting with spray paint. AKA, Graffiti Writing! AKA “Street Art”!

  • Wk 3 Drawin’ w Snapchat

    Wk 3 Drawin’ w Snapchat

    Beautiful landscapes projects from everyone. This week Drawing w Snapchat & visiting the SOA Galleries!