Month: December 2013

  • Alma Haser’s 10 Seconds

    Alma Haser’s 10 Seconds

    Art110 joined Alma Haser’s 10 Seconds project. The idea is to set 2 cameras, a still photo camera on a 10 second timer, and a video camera pointed the same way. They you start them and run and hide. Sort of hide. Perhaps more like, “get small.” Here are Haser’s…

  • Media Camp: New Beginnings

    Media Camp: New Beginnings

    New Beginnings is a short film that was shot, edited, post-produced, scored, and screened all in 10 hours at this semester’s Art110 Media Camp. The project is by: Cameron Fong Jonathan Martinez Miriam Hernandez Velveth Alarcon Guadalupe Villegas Lysette Velarde