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Week C1 (14) Points Update & Final Info

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Yun Jong Noh, Young Cho, Daniella Cayetano & Alice Chen with a 4-ID-Card illustrated panel they created
Yun Jong Noh, Young Cho, Daniella Cayetano & Alice Chen

This Week

  • Final Art & (my) Life paper. Details on the Activity Page
  • Optional Class Feedback EC Blog Post (due Sunday night, details below)
ID card drawing
John Quach

Next Week

  • M&W both required classes (2 ID cards)
  • Optional EC – 5-minute presentation on your Art & (my) Life paper
ID card drawing
Kimberly Gonzales

Slides for your Optional EC Presentaion


  • You can show a Google Drive SlideShow from my laptop
  • You can plug your PC laptop into our projector
  • Your Mac Laptop or iPhone ca project through my AppleTV

Class Feedback Blog Post

For up to +35 points EC you can write a Class Feedback blog post. Please include:

  • Your 3 favorite activities & 1-2 sentences on why they worked for you
  • Your 3 least favorite activities & 1-2 sentences on why they didn’t work so much for you
  • Course Format – did you like Art Activities & Artist Conversations? Would a regular lecture class have been better? Or some other format?
  • WordPress – was this a good way to post your work? Would something else be better?
  • “Beacharts” class website – was this helpful? Would putting everything on Beachboard instead have been better?
  • What did you think of the “A-B-C” 3-part format? Better than a normal semester? Unnecessarily complicated?
  • Anything else about the class. What worked? What could have been better?
ID card drawing
Amanda Martinez

The Final

  • Wednesday, May 16, 2:45 – 4:45 in the SOA Gallery Courtyard
  • Art Games!

There are a few instructions below. No studying or cramming required. If you attend and participate you should get full points on the final!

ID card drawing
Yuri Heo

Final Materials

  • 4×6 index cards (each team needs a few blank ones)
  • 3 “words” – use a magazine or old textbook and tear out 3 words you like. The best words are between 1/4″ – 1/2″ in height.
  • transparent tape – each team needs some tape. Not everybody needs to bring tape, but if you have some, please bring it
  • 1 “letter” – take an 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper and draw a big letter on it. Use a marker and color in the letter so it’s at least 2″ wide and BOLD!
  • Food! Oh yeah, you voted for a final potluck! Please bring a bag of chips or something 🙂
ID Card Drawing
Maura Hoffman

Final ID Cards

For your last ID card, please draw something reflecting your thoughts about what the College Experience might be like in 2038!

Final Teams

We’ll have 8 teams for the final. About 11 people/team! You can be on a team with anyone. Just join up when you get there.

ID card drawing
Anthony Nguyen

Points Update

  • All Points B1-B9 are on Beachboard now
  • B10 will be posted soon
  • All EC Points are on Beachboard now

Still to come

  • B10
  • Attendance Points
  • Final Points
ID card drawing
Sharla Chan

On Track?

We’ve had 603 points posted so far, here’s how many points you should have to be on pace for each grade level, and how many peeps are currently at each grade level:

  • 543 = 90% = A – 59 peeps
  • 482 = 80% = B – 15 peeps
  • 422 = 70% = C – 11 peeps
  • 362 = 60% = D – 4 peeps
  • 361 & below = F – 8 peeps

Current class GPA: 3.16

Julia Heitke's website as displayed on a laptop computer
Julila Heitke’s Physical Therapy ePortfolio


Here’s the class Top 10 so far

  1. Julia Heitke, 690
  2. Brigette Carballo, 673
  3. Andrew Ayala, 666
  4. Jessica Lopez, 654
  5. Silje Steinvik, 653
  6. Phanary Om, 653
  7. Yena Kang, 635
  8. Bethlehem Gezahegne, 635
  9. Megan Anaya, 633
  10. Cary Makiyama, 633
Andrew & Gabriela Herstik in room MM-200 on the Long Beach State University campus
Andrew Ayala & Gabriela Herstik
ID card drawing
Jessica Lopez
ID card drawing
Maura Hoffman


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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