close up of hands holding red ballpoint pens

B3 ePortfolio time!

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students in conversation with an artist
Art 110 in conversation with LBSU SOA artist Aliza Bejarano at her show Peace in Chaos in the Werby Gallery

Hello, everyone!
Welcome to Week B3 (Wk 6)

Week B3

  • Monday 1 October – Meet in Psy-150 – Activity: ePortfolios
  • Wednesday 3 October – Meet in SOA Gallery Courtyard – Conversations with Student Artists
students sitting on a large stone
Isaac & Marie drawing “ID Cards” in the SOA Gallery Courtyard
close up of hands holding red ballpoint pens
Isaac bought a whole box of red ballpoint pens. So he gave Marie one. BTW, artists like Ed Fella have published whole books of ballpoint pen drawings! (Fella loves those 4-color pens with red-green-blue-black ink)
photo of 2, 4x6 index cards, each with a drawing in red ballpoint pen
Can you guess which ID Card is Isaac’s and which one is Marie’s?

Week B1 Points

All points for B1 are now up on BeachBoard – be sure to check your points and know where you stand. Most students find Art 110 a fairly easy class if they turn everything in. If you start missing posts, your grade can sink fast. Try to stay on top of things! LMK if you’re having trouble or need any help.

Here are some notes on the 1st batch of posts:

  • Be sure to include Photos with Artist Conversations
  • Be sure to use the Artist Conversation Template & Info Block
  • Please do not set your WP blog itself to Private
  • Please do set your Artist Conversation Posts to Password Protected with the password: soa
  • You do not need to Password Protect your Art Activities, they can use the default Public setting
  • At the bottom of each Art Activity Brief there are some Questions to answer. Don’t forget to do these
  • Be sure to include the Week Number in your Post Titles, eg: B1 – Plaster Casting

The Roster & Your Websites:
Most of you are in great shape! 😀 But a few of you have not given me your URL’s yet! And a few of you set your whole site to “Private” so I can’t see it. Please visit the Roster page and check your listing:

  1. Make sure your name is spelled correctly
  2. If you don’t have a link on your name, please LMK your URL
  3. If there is a note that your site is “Private”, please change it to “Public”
  4. Double check that your link goes to your site
  5. For any corrections, changes, adjustments, leave a Comment at the bottom of the Roster page with your Name & Info

Here are some helpful links:

Sorry about all these details! 😛 By the end of this week I think everyone will be in the groove, and it should all start feeling pretty easy from here on in! 😀

A few examples of great work from B1

B1 – Plaster Casting

Check out Audrey’s awesome video:

Check out Jessica’s awesome video:

Check out Marie’s awesome video:

B1 – Artist Conversations

Want to know what a strong Artist Conversation essay might look like? Take a look at Allison’s essay:

Dance Videos & Other Ideas

Dance Camera West

Julian Sanchez / The Evolution of Remix Culture

Dance on Camera / Lincoln Center


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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