students in a classroom looking at images and discussing them

wk B5 – Redux!

Welcome to Week B5

aka “Week 8” for the rest of the campus

This week

  1. SOA Artist conversation
  2. OC Artist Nadya Tolokonnikova
  3. Redo your photo project from Wk B3 (Landscapes with a Corpse or Environmental Portrait)

SOA Galleries

This week you only have to come to class one time, your choice of Mon or Wed. The other day you can use the time to work on your photography project. At the galleries, form a group of 4 classmates. Please do not pick peeps you already know! Meetup with classmates you haven’t had a chance to meet yet! Get to know a little bit about each other, and make a 4-panel ID card group that depicts what you think the College Experience in 2037 might be like.

When you’re ready, your group of 4 can find me in the SOA Gallery courtyard. Explain your 4-panel ID cards to me, and each of you should introduce another person in your group to me. Tell me a little about them.

Photography Projects

Two weeks ago you tried to express some ideas with a photograph. Last week you got some feedback from your classmates, and then you thought more about your own work and another classmate in your activity write-up. Now take all that and redo your photography project. Try to develop your ideas further and make your work more powerful.

Points Update – Week B4

  • In progress!
  • On BeachBoard soon!

Points Update – Weeks B1-B3

Points are up on BeachBoard! Be sure to check your points to know where you stand!

We’ve had 201 points possible so far. Here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level, and how many peeps are currently there:

  • A: 180 points – 80 peeps
  • B: 160 points – 18 peeps
  • C: 140 points – 8 peeps
  • D: 120 points – 3 peeps
  • F: 119 & below – 11 peeps

Current class GPA = 3.275

Top 10

Here’s the Art 110 Top 10 for Week 4:

  1. Iileene Medrano, 209
  2. Daniel Mittelstein, 204
  3. Hugo Lopez, 203
  4. Duong Pham, 203
  5. Omar Escobar, 202
  6. Jessica Teng, 202
  7. Daisy Benitez DeLeon, 202
  8. Kimberly Burton, 201
  9. Dahlia Hernandez, 201
  10. Cesilia Arambula, 201

Awesome work everyone! Congrats & thank you!

Sample Essays

Coming soon – some samples of the SOA Artist & OC Artist essays you’ve been writing!

Jennifer Gunlock & Susan Feldman-Tucker in front of a thick installation of 3D & 2D works, including wood, branches, floor boards, wall drawings
Jennifer Gunlock & Susan Feldman-Tucker @ Shoebox Projects
@ The Brewery artist’s colony, Downtown Los Angeles

EC – ArtWalk

The Brewery artist’s colony in Downtown Los Angeles has a free, open studio Art Walk this weekend:

Look around the facility. Talk to some artists. Ask questions about their work and about The Brewery. Write a 4-paragraph-or-so paper and include a few pix of the artwalk and yourself there. Up to +35 EC.

students in a classroom looking at images and discussing them
Last week: critiquing each other’s photography projects


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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