Students in the Gatov West Gallery at the School of Art at Long Beach State University

Week B2 – Finger Painting & Ai Weiwei

Long Beach State photography BFA student Jill Thoman in the School of Art's Gatov Gallery East. She stands next to her photographic installation and discusses the work
Jill Thoman discussing her work with Art 110 students

Welcome to Week B2

aka “Week 5” for the rest of the campus

How’d the 1st week go for everyone? Did everything make sense? Did the BeachBoard Dropbox work OK for you? We’ll be grading your work this week and will post points as soon as possible. It was great spending a bit of time with some of you at the Seal Beach Pier on Wednesday. I hope everyone else had equally good results!

This Week

  1. Visit SOA Galleries again and have another conversation with an exhibiting SOA Artist.
  2. Off-Campus Artist OTW: Ai Weiwei
  3. Activity: Finger Painting
CSULB students bringing a bucket of water up from the surf
Plaster Casting at the Seal Beach Pier

Monday / Wednesday

We’ll split the class in 1/2 this week.
You only need to turn in 1 ID Card this week, on the day that you’re in PH1-140.

Monday in PH1-140

This half of the class will meet in PH1-140 on Monday. We’ll have a discussion on our Off-Campus Artist OTW Ai Weiwei. Since we can’t talk to the off-campus artists the way we can with the SOA Artists, I hope this discussion will be a chance to interact with their ideas and think through their work. (actually, all of our off-campus artists are living artists… so you could try emailing them if you wanted to… you never know…)

Since we’ll only be filling 1/2 of PH1-140, Please sit close! Don’t hide in the back! Don’t be an Education Coward!! Let’s have a real discussion about this artist!

On Wednesday you’ll be at the SOA Galleries meeting with an SOA Artist.

Allred Grant
Arambula Cesilia
Arambula Guadalupe
Arrata Bailey
Benitez De Leon Daisy
Brennan Katie
Burton Kimberly
Cassity Emma
Ceja Andy
Chan Amy
Chen Yuchao
Cheng Zixuan
Christiano Marissa
Clark Hydia
Claudio Jose
Colorado Julie
Contreras Yovana
Corrales Kathy
Craigen Johnson Monique
Crockett Monique
Cruz Fernando
Escobar Omar
Figueroa Asusena
Friedman Jordan
Gil Gutierrez Yermy
Gill Sunny Pal
Gois Dylan
Gomez Jasmin
Guevara Moreno Monica
Hailemelekot Danyom
Hernandez Dahlia
Hernandez Eliezer
Herrejon Esmeralda
Humes Eben
James Shanell
Javier Jamila Rose
Jimenez Eric
Keck Jessica
Kim Som Bit
La Barba Noah
Langevin Alyssa
Le Kenneth
Lee Eric
Lee Sandra
Lee Shayna
Leong Ryan
Levario Anthony
Liemsakul Anita
Liwanag Angelo
Longenderfer Hannah
Lopez Aylin
Lopez Hugo
Lucas Jahaira
Ly Jasmine
Malone Lauren
Marshall Lewis
Medrano Iileene
Mercado Tanya
Miller Ryan
Mittelstein Daniel

Wednesday in PH1-140

This half of the class will do it the other way:

  • Monday at the SOA Galleries
  • Wednesday at PH1-140

Mojica Jorge
Nguyen Audrey
Nguyen Eric
Nguyen Tina
Nguyen Vivi
Nunez Yazmin
Oropeza Joaquin
Ortiz Brianna
Oshiro Akari
Padilla Wendy
Pajarito Manuel
Panozzo Brianna
Parkert Dorothea
Pastrana Erika
Perez Melanie
Pham Duong
Ramirez Jamie
Ramirez-Castro Daisy
Redd Candy
Reddick Alexander
Regalado Cortez Alejandra
Reyes Leah-Ashley
Rios Brianna
Rochin Jonathan
Rodriguez Jessica
Romdhane Marisol
Sanchez Loza Lizette
Sanders Emily
Santana Miguel
Santillan Joseph
Santoyo-Velazquez Tomas
Shahabi Sarah
Sigala Brianna
Sim David
Song Terry
Spencer Thomas
Still Taytum
Stone Dylan
Stopher Megan
Sullivan Carley
Tan Harry
Tario Julian
Teng Jessica
Tiroga Andra
Tran Kathy
Tran Kenny
Tran Robert
Truong Tiffany
Varela Valerie
Vasquez Luis
Villalobos Natali
Vodicka Emily
Vu Kelley
Vu Trang
Vuong Kyle
Warren Nathaniel
Wolf Brendan
Wong Mikaela
Yi Qi
Yorng Cindy

Students in the Gatov West Gallery at the School of Art at Long Beach State University
Art 110 students in the Gatov West Gallery viewing Jan Talmadge Davids’ exhibition “collide-a-scope”


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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