Week B1 – SOA Galleries & Plaster Casting

Week B1 – SOA Galleries & Plaster Casting

Week of Welcome – Danny from KBeach Radio
Sorority & Fraternity Rush
Sorority & Fraternity Rush

Week B1

(aka “week 4”)

As you know, we’re splitting up our 16 week semester into 3-10-3 weeks, and today we begin the “middle 10” weeks. Welcome to “Week B1”. I hope I’m not making things confusing, but as I explained the first day, I’m hoping that this format will keep things a little fresher than slogging through with the same format for 15 long weeks.

We had some whirlwind talks by me in the 1st weeks and we’ll have some Optional EC talks by you in the last weeks. Here in the Middle 10, is the heart of the course. We’ll do 3 things each week:

  1. Visit the School of Art (SOA) Galleries located between FA2 & FA3 and have a conversation with a CSULB Artist.
  2. Research an Off-Campus Artist
  3. Try an Art Activity

You’ll write up a separate doc for each and drop them on the BeachBoard Dropbox by 11:59 pm on Sunday night. The 2 artist pieces do not require photographs. The Art Activity should have photos or a video.

Here’s the template for the Artist Docs:

It’s a 4-paragraph essay. For the SOA artists it also has an info block at the top. You don’t need this info block for the Off-Campus artist, since you’re not writing about 1 show, but about their entire oeuvre (career).

  • SOA Artist:Look at all of the shows and pick one of the artists to discuss their work with
  • Off-Campus Artist Wk B1:Ana Teresa Fernández

You only need to turn in 1 ID card this week, on Monday at the SOA Galleries. Wednesday is an optional meetup during class time. If you’d like, we can meetup at the Seal Beach Pier and you can do your Plaster Casting Activity there. I’ll be there from 3-5 pm on Wednesday. Full Details are on the activity page:

For this and all other Art Activities, you don’t need to turn in the physical object. You just take pix or video and turn that in via BeachBoard Dropbox. The activity page includes info on what you should write about and questions to answer.

CSULB Students in room PH1-140
Glenn is a very exciting lecturer!
Students in CSULB Classroom Ph1-140
Turning in your awesome ID cards! (there’s some samples of your great ID cards below – keep scrolling!)
Farmer's Market in front of CSULB University Art Museum
Did you know that once a month there’s a FREE Farmer’s Market at the University Art Museum? Go get free food! And look at some art while you’re there!
Installation in the CSULB Gatov West Gallery
One of the SOA Galleries. I’ll see you in the SOA Gallery Courtyard!
Marina Vilhena at the tables outside Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at the CSULB University Student Union in Long Beach, California
This is Marina Vilhena. She’s the TA for our class. She’s going to help me with grading. You also might see her at the SOA Galleries sometime. Or in class when we critique some of your work in a few weeks. Be sure to say “Hi!” Marina is an Art History Grad Student here at CSULB. She’s doing some really cool research on Street Art. Maybe she’ll share some of it with us sometime. Or join us for the Graffiti Writing Optional Meetup next Saturday (not this week) at the Venice Beach Art Walls. BTW, this is also “My Office”. My normal office is FO3-234 and you can find me there sometimes. But mostly I’m at the tables outside Robeks / Coffee Bean at the USU. Or sometimes the inside tables. I’m there from 1-2 pm or later on M & W. Sometimes I’m also there at 11 am. Come say “Hi!”

ID Cards

Lots of awesome ID card drawings from everyone! 😀 Here’s a few samples:

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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