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wk C2: Points Update, Final Paper, Extra Credit & The Final

Kelley Vu
Kelley Vu

Points Update

All points, including Week B10 are now on BeachBoard. Also, I’ve gone back and updated any points issues from the past, so everyone should have full points now. With Week B10, we’ve had a total of 670 points possible, and here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level:

A = 90% = 603 points – 79 peeps
B = 80% = 536 points – 18 peeps
C = 70% = 469 points – 8 peeps
D = 60% = 402 points – 3 peeps
F = 59% = 401 points – 9 peeps

Class GPA so far = 3.24

Top 10 so far:

  1. Noah La Barba, 712 points
  2. Dylan Gois, 687
  3. Hugo Lopez, 669
  4. Duong Pham, 668
  5. Kimberly Burton, 664
  6. Iileene Medrano, 664
  7. Eric Jimenez, 663
  8. Dahlia Hernandez, 663
  9. Yuchao Chen, 662
  10. Natali Villalobos, 661

What’s left?

All the attendance points – 216 points
Final Paper – 60 points
The Final – 54 points

Final Paper points will be posted early next week. Attendance & The Final will be posted shortly after The Final next Wednesday.

Then the total possible will be our full 1,000 points and it will be

900 = A
800 = B
700 = C
600 = D
599 = F

As you know, we have 3 optional extra credits worth up to 40 points each, so wherever you stand, you have the opportunity to raise your grade as much as 120 points, or more than 1 full letter.

a student in a "Mickey Mouse Disneyland" sweatshirt holds a flipbook that she's just handbound
binding a flipbook

Final Paper (60 points)

Optional EC #1 – Present Your Final Paper

Monday 11 Dec in Class


  1. Candys Redd
  2. Emily Vodicka
  3. Manuel Pajarito
  4. Noah LaBarba
  5. Luis Vasquez
  6. Daisy Ramirez-Castro

Optional EC #2 – Applying Design Thinking to your Life

Optional EC #3 – Evaluate your Art 110 experience

Of our 6 Activities:

  1. Plaster Casting
  2. Finger Painting
  3. Landscapes with a Corpse OR Environmental Portraits
  4. Graffiti Writing
  5. Automatic Drawing
  6. Zine OR Flip Book OR Los Angeles Flag

Which 2 were your favorite? What was interesting or relevant about them? Which 2 were your least favorite? What was less interesting or less relevant about them?

What about the “A-B-C” structure of the class? 3 weeks of talks, then 10 weeks of activities, then 2 weeks of wrap up? Did you like this format? Why? Or would you have preferred a different format? Skip the A-B-C and just do 15 weeks the same? Skip the activities and have it be a normal lecture class? Or…?

SOA Artists, OC Artists, and Weekly Activities: how did you respond to these 3 elements? Useful? Relevant? Interesting? Busywork? Why? How could they be better? More useful? More relevant?

The Final (54 points, and mandatory attendance)

The final will be Art Games. If you attend and participate, you should receive the full 54 points. You will need to bring 2 things to the final:

  1. 3 Words: go through magazines, an old textbook, etc, and cut or tear out 3 words that you can bring to the final. Any words will do, but 1″ or 1/2″ tall words are better than tiny words.
  2. 1 Letter: please draw any letter of the alphabet on a piece of 8.5 x 11″ paper. Make the lines of the letter 1-2″ wide and please color the letter in fully! DO NOT bring an outline letter. Your letter should be bold, clear, and easy to read from a distance.

Final Potluck

On Wednesday you voted, or at least shouted, to have a potluck for the final. I’ll pass a signup sheet around on Monday for what peeps would like to bring. Remember, you don’t need to bring a lot. If everybody brings something small, a bag of chips or a box of cookies, that will be a lot of food! If anyone wants to bake something, that’d be awesome! But not required. We could also use plates, napkins, cups. And if not everything was pure sugar, that’d be nice. Maybe a small veggie platter?

Good Luck!

Good luck with finals everyone! I’m pretty sure that your Art 110 final will be low-stress for most of you. But I know other finals might not be. Of course, you’ll study a bit, but also trust that your work all semester will add up to good performance on whatever your final might be. Try not to put too much stress on yourself. And if the stress does get crazy, there’s lots of people on campus to talk to: a friend, me, any other faculty member, or various counseling services on campus. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t hold it all in. Vent a little.

I hope you have had a good semester here in Art 110, out in the rest of your CSULB experience, and beyond in the full spectrum of your life.

Happy Holidays!

See you Monday,

~ Glenn

Trang D. Vu
Trang D. Vu


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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