Meetup @ Seal Beach Pier

Meetup @ Seal Beach Pier

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4 CSULB students & faculty stand on the beach at the Seal Beach Pier. It's a cold day in June and they're dressed in shorts & sweatshirts.
Glenn, Ngoc, Ngoc’s Cousin & Chau. Photo by Tina Wisborn

Seal Beach

Hi guys! Welcome to Week 3 of Art110 Summer ’15! Last week I had a nice chance to meetup with 7 of you at the Seal Beach Pier for our Sculpture Activity (“Plaster Casting”): Annie, Chau, Guan, Jolene, Tina, Ngoc, and Ngoc’s cousin! BTW Ngoc, what was your cousin’s name again? It’s great that you brought her. We have an optional EC Meetup in Wk 5 at the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls. If any of you do go, you’re welcome to bring cousins, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.


One person we didn’t get a chance to “meet” last week was Becca VanDeVelde. Becca’s not only not in Long Beach this summer, she isn’t really near any beach. Becca’s spending the summer in cool Fresno! But it turns out we do get to “meet” Becca anyway because she made an awesome vlog for her Plaster Activity last week! I hope Becca does more and I hope others of you make some too. You’ll get better with video skills, better with speaking, better with lots of fundamental tools here in the 21st century. Anyway, check out Becca’s awesome video:

Ngoc Rocks!

Speaking of awesome, how awesome was Ngoc for picking up enough plaster for everyone who metup at Seal Beach, bringing shovels, and just totally organizing the whole thing! Rock on Ngoc!!

CSULB student on the beach at the Seal Beach Pier showing the plaster casting of her hand that she's just made.
Ngoc Tran

Fear & Loathing on the way to SherriMae’s sister’s graduation

I’m not sure if I want to say that SherriMae was “organized,” or “disorganized,” or “overthought” the project, or what!? What I do know is that she took the complexity of a theoretically simple project and turned it into a brilliant narrative of her adventure! We still don’t know if “borrowing” sand from a public beach is “theft” or not, but what a great read! And then to keep the ball rolling SherriMae played with oil paint and finally covered her plaster hand with origami paper. So cool! Check out the whole adventure on her website!

paper hand reaching toward many cranes "flying" around against a black background
Plaster casting of Sherri Mae Bersabe’s hand, covered in origami paper, with origami cranes

Summer Travels

2 CSULB students working on the beach at the Seal Beach Pier
Chau & Annie excavating Annie’s casting of her hand.

It was nice meeting all 7 of you. And extra nice to meet Annie & Tina since Annie left Long Beach the very next day to head up to Mountain View for a summer internship, and Tina leaves in about a week to head home to Sweden. I’m glad we got to say hello before you both headed off to your summer adventures.

Tina Wisborn walking across the sand at Seal Beach with a Nikon DSLR in one hand and a plaster casting of her hand in the other hand.
Tina with her creation.

In the end there were lots of nice projects by peeps I met at Seal Beach, and also by everyone else wherever you worked. I’m looking forward to our giant “Team Selfie” on “Instagram Day” this Thursday.


As you know, each week the points available are:

  1. Activity (Blogged) – 25 points
  2. Artist OTW – Blog – 20 points
  3. Artist OTW – Discussion – 18 points
  4. Art Talk Discussion – 18 points

For a total of 81 points per week. So after 2 weeks the points possible is 162. Most of you have really taken off and are already earning lots of points. A few of you still need to get started. If you’re on the low end of points, please don’t wait any longer. You can still collect plenty of points this summer, but time to get really going is running out.

Here’s what we’re on pace for at the end of Wk 2:

A – 16 peeps
B – 2 peeps
C – 1 peep
D – 2 peeps
F – 4 peeps

Leaderboard (162 points = 100%!)

  1. Lee Macklin – 227
  2. Tina Wisborn – 221
  3. Sherri Mae Bersabe – 221
  4. Jolene Wright – 220
  5. Kim Toscano – 216
  6. Becca VanDeVelde – 208
  7. Raymond Poon – 205
  8. Ryan Webster – 196
  9. Ngoc Tran – 187
  10. Connor Calhoun – 181

Whether you’re on that list or not, congratulations to everyone on 2 weeks of summer activity. Keep Going!

This Week

This week’s Activity is Social Photography (Instagram). Our Art Talk is on Classical Art: Ancient Greece & Ancient Rome. And our Artist OTW is Francesca Woodman. Everything is up on Slack, and I’ll also add it below.


Wk 2 Activity: Social Photography (Instagram) – Details Here


Have a great week everyone! I’ll see you on Slack, and on Instagram on Thursday!

— Glenn

a young girl runs from a crashing wave at Seal Beach, CA

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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