Wk3: Social Photography

Wk3: Social Photography

Christian Posada in front of a mural at the Venice Beach, California, Art Walls
Christian Posada


All points are now up on BeachBoard. The total points possible so far is 88. Here’s what you should have to be on pace for each grade level:

79 – “A” pace
70 – “B” pace
61 – “C” pace
52 – “D” pace
51 & below – “F” pace

79 points is what you should have so far to be on track for an “A” in the class. Currently 94 peeps have 79 or more points! 😀

57 points and below is the end of the grading scale we don’t like to be on. Unfortunately, ATM 11 people do have 51 or fewer points. At this early time in the semester, it’s super easy to turn that around. But every week it gets a bit harder. After a while you can really be underwater. If you’re not on pace for the grade you want, why not turn that around today!? If you just need to get going – get going! If you need help or have questions – ask me after class today! I hope nobody needs to drop, but if anyone does, it’s a lot easier in the early part of the semester, so if that happens to be your situation, do it this week!

Lots of you got full credit on everything. Some of you got more than full credit. And some got less. Ways some got less than full credit:

  1. Not posting activities.
  2. Too short, not analytic posts
  3. Poor post names

To remember the scoring criteria, visit Syllabus > Rubrics

photo of Teresa Fei and Veroinca Meza  standing side by side in the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard
Teresa Fei & Veronica Meza

Top 10

Some of you have already been racking up a lot of points! Here’s the leaderboard so far:

  1. Veronica Meza – 160
  2. Jairo Ubeda – 155
  3. Dorothy McMahon – 153
  4. Marina Barnes – 152
  5. Amanda Bjornstad – 150
  6. Madison Vanden Berg – 148
  7. Hannah Drake – 148
  8. SteevieLee Nabors – 142
  9. Leah Bloomfield – 142
  10. Christian Posada – 138

Social Photography

This week’s activity is “Social Photography” aka “The Instagram Project.” Read all about it on our Instagram page

Today’s Hashtag: #art110s15

Note: Just like when you paint your name (last week) you also have to do a blog post – don’t get confused this week! Yes, you post on Instagram, but just like every other week, you still do a blog post on the Activity!

Monica Navarro & Dot McMahon sit on a stone bench in the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery courtyard.
Monica Navarro & Dot McMahon

Artist Tags

Be sure to tag your artist posts!

SOA Galleries – Wk 3 – 1-5 Feb

Yiren Kwak & Maryanne Gonzales, Drawing & Painting – Gatov-West

Yiren Kwak and Maryanne Gonzales display oil paintings and drawings focused on the relationship between nature and architecture.

Tidawhitney Lek, Drawing and Painting – Gatov-East

Tidawhitney Lek’s large paintings convey emotions, events and moments in her life.

Almira Nikravesh, Sculpture – Merlino-Gallery

Almira Nikravesh’s installation/performance piece features the artist stacking pennies against the gallery wall for the duration of the exhibition.

Peter Macaulay, Drawing and Painting – Werby-Gallery

Peter Macaulay’s exhibit is the culmination of sketches from a group of artists focusing on queer art in the LGBTQ community.

Photo of Amanda Bjornstad at Venice Beach, California, at the Venice Art Walls standing next to a palm tree that has her name written vertically in blue and red letters
Amanda Bjornstad with her name on a palm tree

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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