Heather Hopkins & Victor Paredes

Wk12 – Algorithmic Art

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Marina Barnes
Marina Barnes

— Rachel Goodaker


All points through Week 11 are now up on BeachBoard. All of your points questions have been replied to. The total points possible so far is 616. Here’s what you should have to be on pace for each grade level:

554 points = “A” pace – 78 peeps
492 points = “B” pace – 22 peeps
430 points = “C” pace – 7 peeps
368 points = “D” pace – 7 peep
367 & below = “F” pace – 16 peeps

Since break about 10 A’s have slid to B’s and about 5 D’s have slid to F’s. The class “GPA” so far has slipped from 3.24 before break to 3.06 today. We still have 78 A’s-in-progress which is awesome, but it’s a shame to see work that’s been pretty consistent across the semester slip down in the last 1/3 of the course.

Most of the slippage is from not turning things in. If you want to maximize points on the work that you do, here’s the vital info to get maximum points:

Taneshia Warren & Alayna Grapel
Taneshia Warren & Alayna Grapel


  1. Veronica Meza – 708
  2. Marina Barnes – 700
  3. Christen Drake – 676
  4. Sophia Guthrie – 669
  5. Nallely Silva – 669
  6. Rogelio Avina – 668
  7. Amanda Bjornstad – 668
  8. Lacey Alaniz – 658
  9. Julyssa Juarez – 658
  10. Madeline Iwanaga – 657
Valeria Garcia-Rodriguez
Valeria Garcia-Rodriguez

Wk 12 Activity: Procedural Art!

Full details in class.

Natsuki Fukayama
Natsuki Fukayama

Sierra Putman
Sierra Putman

Artist Tags

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Heather Hopkins & Victor Paredes
Heather Hopkins & Victor Paredes

SOA Galleries – Wk 12 – April 12 – 16

Gatov West:

Mitchell Springer, BFA, Ceramics

Mitchell Springer’s BFA ceramics exhibition includes freestanding ceramic structures and relief paintings that explore themes of phenomenology, gravity, materials and process.

Gatov East:

Nicholas Gaby, BFA, Sculpture

Nicholas Gaby’s BFA sculpture exhibition features a 1993 Mitsubishi Mighty Max papier-mâché replica, documentary film, and porcelain traffic cones. Gaby’s themes include confinement and invisible power structures.

Merlino Gallery:

Ashley Sharpe, BFA, Printmaking

Ashley Sharpe’s BFA Printmaking exhibit features a collection of mono-prints, lithographs, screen prints, etchings, and relief prints dealing with the theme of cats, their origins and their daily rituals.

Dutzi Gallery:

Katherine Cox, BFA, Ceramics

Katherine Cox’s BFA Ceramics show features porcelain objects/vessels adorned with relief carvings to convey patterns and narratives.

Werby Gallery:

Piet Eppinga, BFA, Ceramics

Piet Eppinga’s BFA Ceramics show features life-size human sculptures and explores themes of humanity and the human experience.

Maddie Iwanaga
Maddie Iwanaga
Janelle Reyes & Madison Vanden Berg
Janelle Reyes & Madison Vanden Berg


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